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Cannonball Sat night 7/2/05

Still trying to check out WAGG-Brampton. At 8pm only 2 cars in front lot, so went to MDS instead. About 9pm only 3 cars in front of building so went to Cannonball instead. Nice the "trio" is so close to each other and not far from WAGG.

Cannonball about 9pm far more busy than MDS but still rather light. By time I left about 10pm was getting more busy.

Rosie From Kenya
Good English and nice conversational approach, nice mutual touch while still standing at table. She usually works day shift but said she did so well today she decided to stay over for night shift. Off to VIP we went.

Waiting for "our song" she was digging deeply in big purse. I jokingly ask "looking for a condom"? She laughs, says looking for candy since had sore throat she says often gets from some allergy (not a cold). Says next time I will bring condom just for you.

Nice body, fairly responsive to the kind of intimacy I enjoy, a 2 song rating, almost went for 3 but decided two was enough (I'm frugal), but was far far better than prior Canadian gals at MDS earlier.

Marla - Russian
Yes, Yes bring on the Russians - I usually have my best times with the Eastern Europeans! She has been in Canada 8 yrs and quite good English.

Tall, very just right not to big not too small natural breasts and most important beautiful intimacy response. We were very much in tune from the first touch. Immediately got naked (not long drawn out waiting to take off bra and panties of some dancers). No talk just bodies in total synch with what I enjoy and she by her body language seemed to also. After the 2nd song I asked "Can you survive a 3 song". She replied, "I would like you to do 100 more its so nice."

I had forgotten after meeting so many dancers, massage gals and two escorts that I had also seen Marla with similar great time and 3 song rating last Tuesday night here when I first arrived in Toronto. I also note I met her at the Old Loco on my last trip in June 2004 when my review said, "Marla from Russia....OH, from Russia with Love! Yes, Yes, wonderfully intimate."

Ending on that great experience decided to leave just before 10pm and try WAGG once again....

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