Promoting Intimacy and Positive, Healthy, Consenting Adult Sexuality

Cannonball late Tuesday Night 6/28/05

After MDS wound up at the CB. Light crowd but a bit more than at MDS. Its about 1:15am. Note some dancers leaving one waiting outside to be picked by probably by boyfriend.

Hang out quite awhile before can get anyone to approach me. But then Angie (sort I think for Angelia how first introduced herself). A local gal, tall, dark skin, slender which is my favorite body type with just right caressable B or C breasts. Was nicely intimacy responsive in the way I like. Seemed a bit tired which is understandable. 2-song gal, no hug :( but was enjoyable.

Younger, slim, tall cute face. Not very talkative and song had started just as got seated. It's nice when you have a between song to start interacting a bit vs. "our song" starting right away. Was nicely intimate, 2 song gal, no hug, and had the feeling she really wasn't into it like some dancers are, at least with old Dave.

Now its about 1:5am and closing soon, so I leave to pick off the usual Blue Lagoon spam on my car window.

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