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Midway Invader Sat Night 4/1/06

Medium busy Sat night arrived a bit after midnight (actually Sun am).

Crystal from Toronto area parents European - Tall slim my preferred body type. At first I'm thinking Crystal like easy to break since looked almost too thin, but wasn't and as long as not too thin very slender is more sexy to me. Great personality and talker. Usually can read guys vibes by first seeing them but she was wrong about me. She took me as a local just checking out the place who probably wasn't interested in dances. But she approached nicely any way and I quickly accepted her dance offer. Did my maximum 3 songs, very nice 4+ on my 0-5 intimacy scale.

Angela from Trinidad - Tall nice breasts & body. Kept saying I had nice hands :) 2 songs and 4 on my intimacy scale.

Christy from Canada - I was going to try and avoid her since she seemed to me more than typical big breasted man mades tall Canadian/American that usually are not that intimate. But trying to ignore her didn't work :( She says I look like I am looking for someone, maybe a particular dancer and could she help me find her? Gee, helpful attitude. And as I try and ignore her after saying no, she keeps conversation going. Turns out quite interesting to say the least. She is very open, she's an older "soccer mom", age 42 but obviously looks much younger does have great body. She says she tired of the real young guys here tonight and likes more mature guys (old Dave!). She doesn't ask for a dance, just keeps up conversation and I become more and more engaged. She isn't cozing up to the light back massage I start doing as usual when a dancer is standing next to me. But she suggests we sit down at a table and talk more. She has only been dancing 3 years but started out as a waitress and wanted to have more fun by dancing (and probably more money). She isn't comfortable with guys touching her until she gets to know them a bit. I even told her I typically avoid gals like her (giving above description) and she has me feel her breasts. They are nice natural C's, just look bigger in sort of a push up braw to get guys to pay more attention to her. We are both VERY honest and discuss many things.

Finally I suggest we have a few dances after long conversation which was very interested and worthwhile for me, and obviously she enjoyed a more mature intelligent discussion. Waiting for next song she nicely cuddles into my arms and talk some more. Actually talked for at least one more song (not on the money clock) as she asked about me and I gave some history and even told her about (her father was a minister) and how my interest in sexwork developed from working with swingers.

Into the dances she was quite good, obviously comfortable with me from all the sharing. Body that I could not tell from a 20 year old, just a bit older looking face but rest of body very youthful. Quite responsive and both sensual and a 4 on my intimacy scale and did my maximum 3 songs. She is anxious to remember and look up on the Internet. In total we must have spent almost an hour together talking and then the dances. I am glad I met her and she ignored my trying to ignore her at first.

Mechelle again from Romania - After Christy I can't believe its already almost 2am! I walk around a bit but no dancers I'm attracted to are working the floor. I am about to call it a night when I spot a tall redhead with a big smile heading my way. Yep, its Mechelle (like Michelle but strong e) who I had such a wonderful time with last Wednesday night. She remembers me and we are both anxious to have dances again.

WOW, even better than Wednesday since now we both know we enjoy the same type of great intimacy. Hardly anything verbal just share some of the best sensual, intimate communications with our bodies for my maximum 3 songs. Probably best experience possible at a strip club. I just wish she was an escort or I could find some like her. For me combination of perfect body, how she uses it in tune with mine both sexually and intimately obviously greatly enjoying what I also enjoy the most. 5+++ on my 0-5 intimacy scale. After the 3 songs its now about 2:15am and of course time to leave since it closes at 2. But they keep playing the songs and don't rush folks out I'm told till about 2:30.

Comments after posting on
Hi Dave,
great info as usual ...
Just wondering about Angela at MI. Was this the same dancer as "Angie" you reviewed at CB a day or two ago?
I try to see her (Angie at CB) every 2 or 3 weeks and am wondering if she is moving around the JS clubs.

Dave replies:
No, different gals. Both from South America but Jamaica vs. Trinidad (close) and while its hard to recall so many gals I've met the one at CB had much smaller breasts.

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