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Old Dave lands in Toronto and hits Strip Clubs

Late Wednesday night 3/31/04

After getting to hotel wanted to check out the my favorite 2 of the "trio".
Gosh I was in 90 degrees F this afternoon in Phoenix (98 yesterday). Dave is not use to your cold and drizzle... But women will warm me up.

Not very busy but fairly good selection of dancers although some are starting to leave for the night.

Vanilla - tall, slender native of Toronto....yes! As those that have read my zillions of prior trip reports, I have no interest in extras, but have a "intimacy fetish"... which many dancers respond to the way I enjoy nicely caressing, a bit of massaging on backs, breasts, hands etc. Vanilla was wonderfully responsive, great body and I very much enjoyed. Ah yes this is why I love these strip clubs vs none in the U.S., full body nude contact, those nice breasts to nicely massage, nudity no big deal, women totally comfortable with their bodies and good touch. Almost never find this or allowed in the U.S.

Sonia - From Hungary only been dancing two weeks, but she has become comfortable fast as many what seem to be naturally warm Eastern European's are. Very responsive to my type of intimacy and enjoyed a few great dancers withe her.

Lizane? - From Italy. Not my type of intimacy but more sexy and erotic, probably more like most men enjoy. Nice, responsive, but not the intimacy response of first two.

Lots of others I would have done dancers with if they had asked me. But seems rest aren't interest in approaching old Dave so on to Million Dollar Salon.

Million Dollar Salon
Quite slow not many dancers working the floor. Seemed to be mostly hanging out with each other. Finally approached by Jonohsa, tall slender Black gal with pigtails from Nova Scotia. She was I guess you would say more "hot" than intimate. OK but not my prime interest.

Stood around the bar area long time, trying to attract interest. Many gals stood by me talking to each other but no one else approached Old Dave. I prefer to let them approach me while I realize I could be more aggressive and approach them. Other than idea they would welcome any one who paid them, I think some gals prefer us older men and others prefer younger so I prefer to wait to be approached.

I hadn't planned on going to Locomotion tonight - Actually have a "date" set up sort of with a dancer for Fri night but since its about 1am, still have time to stop by before they close. In prior trips has been the least favorite of the "trio". Was actually a bit more busy than the other two with customers but not that many dancers working the floor. I alternate between the front and back areas but Old Dave isn't getting approached .. sob...sob...

Finally a black dancer who calls herself horney... was very sexual, but virtually no intimacy response. Then Cindy, black from Jamaica. Sensual and medium intimacy response. Either I missed a dancer, or it may have been Cindy that only works 2 days a week here and is a hair stylist rest of time. Works a long way from club since doesn't want to meet her "other job" clients. Another black gal (forgot name) had just turned 21 and was celebrating. Nice, medium intimacy response.

Overall enjoyable evening although my first two "contacts" were by far the best.

I have been to Niagara Falls for 2 trips in mid and late 2003 since I was last in Toronto area. I can't help but compare the "trio" to the many great clubs in the Falls and Hamilton. The dancers are about the same, some wonderfully responsive to the intimacy I enjoy others more sexual. But the physical club layout is very different. The Niagara clubs are newer and far better kept. Clean restrooms vs. terrible especially at CB. The private areas in the Niagara clubs are so much more private and nice. But I enjoy the dancers in both cities.

Off to one of my favorite late night massage parlors - Club 2 Mountains which is open till 3am. but... next report.

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