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 New Locomotion Friday Day 3/31/06

I wanted to check out the day shift at the New Loco. And glad I did at least in the end. Was much busier than on prior night time visit but not at all full. Somehow the sex video going on the right screen didn't seem to fit the wresting matches on the left screen, with big brutes rolling around on the mat hitting each other. Somehow violent men being macho and wonderful sexuality don't mix for me.

Hunter from Houston Texas- very friendly intelligent going to college here from kind of hippy family background. Has pronounced Southern accent. Unlike the common "want a dance" approach at many clubs she sat and talked with me very engaged for a long time. Talked about the different clubs, she use to me at MDS for years but they sort of broke up a group that hung out together a lot. Huge gripe is all the customers that about as soon as they get to the VIP pull out their dicks and want to her to blow them. No, way (which I agree if you want that go to an escort not a strip club). In long discussion which she seemed to enjoy never asked for a dance. Would up she had to go on stage next and I assured her I was interested in dances. After all the talk I was curious what she was like. But soon after she left, Tyra sat and talked and went off to dance. Never did find Hunter free again to dance with.

Tyra - forget where from and not remembering details except nice soft breasts, did 2 songs and about a 3 on my 0-5 intimacy scale.

Angelia - my preferred smaller soft natural breasts but dances seemed more mechanical sensual than into it intimate. But she had some nice moves and nice body. Did 2 songs and about a 3 on intimacy scale but didn't seem natural like with some dancers.

Unnamed gal from a foreign land far South - am not mentioning name for a reason. Very wonderfully sensual and genuinely intimate. She especially loved what I can best describe as full body hug which I also enjoy. Said she hadn't enjoyed such a hug in 10 years and talked a bit about ex and finally got away from him and longs for intimacy. She was wonderfully intimate in many positions like her body craved the kind of caring touch caressing intimacy I enjoy giving so much. Pretty face I enjoyed stroking. Did my 3 song limit and then lingered and talked. Highest 5 on my intimacy scale.

As leaving she says, she has to give me her phone number. We discuss and she really wants to get together and share more intimacy as friends. Give me her phone and I tell her a bit who I am which I think is only fair and the website which she says makes her more intrigued . I don't want to scare her away however by my reviews and would agree to keep anything "as friends" not to be a review and keep her name confidential. She also gave me her e-mail. She has a busy schedule, works 12 hr shifts and also goes to school. I have no idea if we will connect but I will e-mail her first and if no response call in a few days. If she really wants to meet I would enjoy doing so.

One of several reasons I hit the strip clubs first on my Toronto trips and then later migrate more to the nude-reverse parlors and a couple escorts is just in case I connect with a dancer who sincerely wants to meet as friends for my type of intimacy or more intimate sexuality, I connect early on my trip not on the last few days when not as easy to find time to meet before I leave. I am not trying to come across as so great but this is another example of the power of caring intimate touch that even dancers sometimes crave but rarely experience. I would love to share some of my ideas/experiences that work as well as others and experiences via workshops under my site. But I just haven't had time to develop or find the right female partner/s.

Wonderful gal, great intimacy connection, I have no expectations about getting together outside as friends but am certainly open to it if it occurs.

czechmate replies on regarding Angelia
This girl is more trouble then she's worth, IMHO, must have been there the same time you were Dave and she tried to upcount me from 4 songs to 9. Quite a difficult argument to attempt- like from 4 to 5 maybe, 6, okay, honest mistake sort of thing, but let us say she had her reasons. I was all the more flabberghasted because as Dave says- very mechanical approach to the whole affair- she is a very young, short, dirty blond gal who reminds a bit of one of a couple of porn starts I know of- But man, she was giving me the gears afterwards like she actually thought she could intimidate me, she starts with the line about calling the bouncer and getting other dancers involved and I was almost laughing, but she thought I was an newbee or something. She used to dance at the Old Loco sometimes too, but be careful guys- maybe it was just a bad day for her but she seemed like she wasn't very happy to be doing what she was doing. A hit and run approach to the whole encounter. Very poor customer service, client-management skills too, like there will never be another time I ask her for a spin. Also noticed a definite gangland presence in the LA style (Dave mentions this in the MDS review) at the club- and I ain't just saying that to say something, or to whip up rumours. Nor am I saying every table of black guys look like they are in a gang. What I am saying is that groups of black guys decked out in Hip Hop gear ramble through the place in clusters- like all five take a piss at the same time? Weird vibe. Also I thought there was a lot of guys in the parking lot, just sitting in their cars by themselves. I think beers went up $0.30 to, if I heard correctly, $6.05. I usually tip $7.00 even but now that seems kind of small. Anyway, got to say on the upside, it wasn't boring this time.

I, Dave in Phoenix reply:
Yes I noted that also when I left but at MDS, some guys just standing around in back and the parking lot next door. I didn't see this at the loco but it was afternnon vs late night at MDS.

I don't know about beer prices, all I have is my usual diet coke or pepsi and sometimes avoid having to have one.

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