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 Million Dollar Salon Friday Night 3/31/06

Was quite crowded as expected for a Friday night. Arrived about 11pm after great time with Robin at Allure.

Sophie from Finland - larger man made breasts a bit bigger than I prefer but very friendly good conversation, danced here about 3 yrs. Did 2 songs and would rank a 3 on my 0-5 intimacy scale.

Kayla - wow those eyes and my perfect body type. From Quebec with French background and accent. Did I mention wonderful slim body, soft carassable breasts, total sex appeal for me. Unfortunately the personality didn't match. Very sensual but more mechanical, not much verbal communications, the vibe she gave off is OK enjoy my sexy body but I really don't want to be doing this for a living. Of course I could be wrong or just with me. Did 2 songs since enjoyed her very sexual body but 0 on my intimacy scale.

Veronica - almost as nice body type as Kayla but with personality and intimacy response. From Nova Scotia with African American background. While Kayla seemed mechanical, Veronica doing some of the same standard moves seemed real and like she actually enjoyed the interaction - a big plus of course for me. Did my 3 song maximum and a 4 of 5 on my intimacy rating.

Lexus from Barrie - As readers from past reports may recall I often duck into the mens room after a couple dancers to wash my hands which is good hygiene. The toilets here are a mess - mostly un flushed and plugged up like at CB. I also note some of the dancers put lotion on your hands which both smells nice and kills bacteria. Especially important since I have noted that it seems most men don't bother to wash their hands after using the facilities. One dancer noted the Arab men are especially bad stinkers and reject having that to have the hand lotion treatment. I think its just good common sense with all the bugs going around.

None of that has a thing to do with Lexus except.... As I'm leaving the mens rooms she is coming down the hall (women's room to the left) and sees be and in a cute way blocks the hall with her body and says "where you going, don't you want to come with me", or something like that. She was tall, attractive obviously outgoing so what the heck. Up the stairs we go. From her sort of hard approach I had in my mind she was more the take charge sensual but not very intimate type. Well I was certainly wrong. After finding "our chair" she sits in my lap and liking my touch immediately curls up in my arms very nicely and soon is purring. I like to make women purr :) Obviously she enjoys my touch and I'm lightly stroking her massaging her which she likes. Asks me to keep doing it and some more massage for 2 just as friends songs not trying to get paid for dancing while cuddled and purring....

Once into the dances, very nicely intimate responsive. Breasts manmade and a bit larger than my ideal but very much enjoy the intimacy response and the rest of her nice body. Do my 3 song limit and would rank my highest 5 on my intimacy scale.

I note that I am out of 20's... have helped the Canadian dancer economy enough for one night. Leave about 12:30am and its getting more crowded. Lots of biker types/ guys that look link pimps, and black dudes with those pants that look like they are about to fall off they are so low. A bouncer tells a guy he can't well his bandana with gang colors inside. As I walk out a guy says to me watch out friend, cops around the corner. Thanks...although have no idea what I'm suppose to be concerned about. I don't drink so I can't be drunk and certainly have no drugs if that is what is common. I do see a police car about a block away make a U turn but not after me!

Comments from my posting this in

This girls body is amazing IMO however, as with you, her dances with me were also very mechanical. She did not pay any attention to me, kept looking at the stage (CB this last Monday), and yes, she may as well started chanting " i don't want to be here, I hate my job....".

To bad however, what a body, WOW!

One guy made a bid deal about the dancers comments about Arab men that often smelled and tried to make a racial war out of it.

My comments:
On the Arab or Muslim men issue.

It is not racist it is cultural. I have heard this from many dancers in different cities. It shows what dancers have to put up with and why more and more carry fresh smelling anti bacterial lotion they insist you use before touching them all over. It is just common sense to use especially since some cultures don't believe in bathing like others do.

And I note many men of all backgrounds don't bother to wash up in the usually very dirty mens rooms of most clubs.

deucedaddy says:
Please tell me what cultures dont believe in bathing?

Keebler Elf says:
nteresting how you chose to take his words out of context. Specifically, how you left out the "like others do". There are many, many cultures in this world that do not bathe on a daily basis. Not always by choice.

Ok can you please tell me what cultures do not bathe as others do. Btw Keeb, obviously we are not speaking of those who dont have a choice or not, they wouldnt be in the strip club spending money if they did not have an accessible shower. I don't believe any specific cultures in general do not bathe appropriately.

I, Dave in Phoenix replies:
Because as I've noted many Canadians don't wash up after using the dirty toilets at many clubs. They just don't stink since Western Culture believes in more frequent bathing than some. The loction doesn't help with general body ordor but at least gets bacteria killed on hands that touch their bodies.

On cultural smells and bathing:
* USA — fear of offensive natural smells (billion dollar industry to mask objectionable odors with what is perceived to be pleasant ) — again connected with “attractiveness” concept.

* Many other cultures consider natural body odors as normal (Arabic).

* Asian cultures (Filipino, Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Indian) stress frequent bathing — and often criticize USA of not bathing often enough!


Cultural practices cover hygiene , toilet procedures, perfume, smoking. Modern western civilizations tended to repress the natural human odor, or covers it with perfumes. Guérer (1995: 37), Classen (1993: 9, 15-36).

Smell is (or could be) a crucial diagnostic instrument for the medical profession (Guérer 1995: 42-43), Corbin (1982: 53-68), Wright (1982: 129-132). Any metabolic imbalance will express itself through the smell. Arabic doctors could diagnose a sick harem inmate without seeing her, by a wet cloth that she had wrapped around her body for one night.

To paraphrase Hamlet: To bathe or not to bathe, this is the question... of body odor. An extreme example of neurotic smell repression may be the proverbial civilization dweller who takes five showers a day, or the woman who daily uses intime spray to cover up any natural smell traces that she may have left on her body. (So ardently celebrated in U.S. TV commercials). Ebberfeld (1996: 207-208).

Kohl (1995: 43): One might well speculate about how the natural order of human relations is altered by advertisers promoting an American obsession with deodorants and antiperspirants out of a profit interest. Or the effects of the American Puritan tradition of "cleanliness is next to godliness" on male-female relations.

Corbin (1982). The historical pattern of the European odor culture shows several remarkable reversals performed with regards to patterns of cleanliness and smell. Corbin describes in detail the heroic efforts that were made in the 19th century to ban the pestilential stench that penetrated the whole of European social life. This had not always been the case. The Romans were avid bath-takers, (Dufour 1898,II: 23-26) and built their thermal bath temples wherever they went, leaving this heritage after their empire collapsed. In the middle ages, bathing culture was not as comfortable but still quite lively in Europe, but it caused problems with the Christian moral code. Not the least reason why the baths were so popular was that both sexes were in the same bathtubs, and did that either completely naked, or just scantly dressed. This caused a lot of excitement for the participants and the authorities alike, and was reason for a lot of great literary masterpieces of sin and damnation preaches from the pulpits. When the Syphilis became endemic in Europe, the authorities had a good reason to clamp down on the vice, and the bath-houses were shut down. Schmölzer (1993: 319).

The culture of aromatic scents and fragrances has a rich history probably reaching back to prehistoric times, and was widespread in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia and China. Kohl (1995: 174-179), Morris (1984). Because smell works strongly on unconscious levels, it is "intimately" connected with religious ritual, as the use of incense in Christian, Hindu, and Buddhist religious practice shows. Schleidt (1995: 92). The popular francincense of Christian ritual is from Northeastern Africa and the Arabian peninsula. (Encarta francincense). The Arab chemical technology brought an advance in fragrance processing through various distilling methods which gave rise to perfumery. Morris (1984: 127-284).

Another smellable expression of the human body is the fart. Elias (1997,I: 164, 266-272). Although it is tabooed in modern Western civilization, there are cultural applications, like the farting contest. It is to be noted that the fart is the voice of the belly, and bespeaks its own truth, wording messages that cannot be uttered with the vocal cords, and therefore evade written recording. The Egyptians esteemed this so highly that they had an own god for the fart: Pet.

This perhaps is more than most folks want to know !!

But it shows the cultural differences not racism is the issue.
Others continue to claim its being racist

Keebler Elf said:
There are many African cultures that do not have access to water to bathe on a daily basis. There are other cultures that do not bathe their entire bodies on a daily basis. On a daily basis. That's the point. No one ever said they don't bathe at all (despite the misconception you're trying to promote).

I think the other poster's point was that being from a culture that traditionally doesn't bathe on a daily basis can carry over to not bathing on a daily basis when in North America.

p.s. I realize you're trying really hard to make this a racism issue and, therefore, are trying really hard to make it sound like everyone in the world bathes once a day. Sorry bub, that's not the case. Deal with it.

tabber says:
For Pete's sake, people, Dave was just quoting a dancer. Why on Allah's green earth would anyone find this objectionable on Dave's part? Could be useful information for some.

Rockslinger says:
What are we saying? Are we saying that the dancer was saying something untrue? Or, are we saying that the dancer is saying something that is true but she didn't have the right to say it?

MuffinMuncher says:
A dancer made a generalization based on what is apparently her own personal experience in the sample of men she sees over an extended period of time. Maybe it was poorly worded, maybe it wasnt politically correct, but to get into a discussion of racism because of this? Come on.... dont you people have better things to do?

Load says to Dave trying to get back on topic:
Glad to see your came back to the great white north. Thanks for your informative reviews.

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