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 Cannonball Thurs Eve 3/30/06
Actually early am on Fri

I was debating between CB and MDS late night Thurs but figured CB might be overwhelmingly busy on Fri/Sat and MDS has usually been a bit less busy. So will save MDS for the weekend. And I'm getting older and those flights up the stairs seem longer each year :(

CB about 12:30 am when I arrived busy but not like some nights. Didn't have to park far away down the side like sometimes.

Melina - Tall enjoyed meeting her at my "stand" - like it when don't have to look down and see top of head - I'm 6-2. Enjoy standing interaction especially with a taller gal, which is why I like the "stand" tables at CB and MI, and MDS. As I recall only NewLoco doesn't have them. There are only a few at each club but fortunately most guys just sit at tables so usually I can find a place to stand or on the stools at high tables at two of the clubs. Back to Melina, she visits Toronto 3 months at a time (family here) from Los Vegas where she works as a Dancer at Crazy Horse 2 off the strip. I'm not much of a Vegas fan but the off strip in the County clubs are a bit more open vs the City clubs where very little contact is allowed. None are like the Quads here however. Very friendly good conversation but the dance was more U.S. type - good contact but more sexual than my preferred intimacy. As I've often said with exceptions but in general American dancers have little concept of intimacy or ideas is "save that for my boyfriend) vs say Europeans so naturally more intimate. Canadian women vary greatly but tend to me more American - with huge exceptions such as I found with so many great Canadian women escorts in Victoria. She rates 2 songs and about 2.5 on my 0-5 intimacy scale. But enjoyable and especially standing with her since she is tall.

Alicia - from New York- On first meeting seems to think we have met before... ok..pardon me I'm doing google on her name from prior reports - Nope just an Alicia from Hungary at MDS on a prior trip. Again more sexual than intimate may have done 2 songs but a 0 on my intimacy scale.

Alexis - large breasted short Spanish maybe a bit older gal. Nice but again more sexual just one dance, a 0 on my intimacy scale. While waiting for "our" dance, a dancer was screaming at a guy a few chairs down from us. Something about not paying (dah) and then repeated I don't care if you pay me or not just leave. The guy kept arguing and arguing but couldn't hear what he was saying. Recent reviews have indicated more bouncer presence in the VIP after a few visits by LE, (more looking for drugs) but I haven't seen a bouncer yet at any of the clubs in the VIPs. Was thinking she should have a way of getting one do get rid of the guy. Obviously I didn't hear both sides, but forget money and just leave makes me thinkith the guy was the problem.

Christina - shorter, large manmades (I prefer small natural), nice again, good conversation, but 0 on my intimacy scale. Probably just did 1 dance (I can't remember every detail!).

Angie from Jamaica - she immediately loved my massaging her back which I enjoyed doing. More my body type slim, very small A breasts (My ideal a bit larger but not large C's or larger). Very nice interaction, good conversation about a 3 I believe on my intimacy scale and 3 songs.

Ramona from Romania - wow - the best was last. Or, was it Argentina? Searching my prior reports I read from 11/29/05 CB review of a Romania from Argentina which very much sounds like her. Regardless wonderfully intimate, totally leaving her body in my care as in prior report. Says feels guilty enjoying my touch vs she doing more for me, yet I really do enjoy giving more than receiving especially with such a nice sexy soft slim body with obviously intimacy response and enjoying it in various positions. I don't enjoy just laying there being non responsive, but usually they respond positively in obvious ways. I remind readers I always stay within the legal limits (per Supreme Court of Canada for full contact nude laps not to be a legal bawdy issue). I do not attempt any penetration but very much enjoy caressing body, massaging breasts, hugging body and various things I enjoy so much doing and gals that are what I call "intimacy responsive" obviously enjoy having done to them. As folks know I often "preach" you have it so great at these clubs vs anything in the U.S., don't risk them being closed by going too far and violating criminal bawdy house law. So I keep within the guidelines of the Supreme Court decision in 1999 and most gals prefer that.

A couple times she comments about wish she could take me home with her, or could go on all night. When a dancer does that, depending on how well I like her, I may try to test her seriousness vs just typical flirting talk. I never suggest "take out" myself, only accepted offer once on prior trip which turned out quite nice. But its also close to 2am, she may even have kids at home, I don't know and didn't ask. I do to her comments, gee, that might be possible. She responds all but you probably have wife and family to get home to. I reply, well no, actually I'm at a hotel and am totally single.... but I don't press the issue and she doesn't bring up again. She is one of many dancers I meet that I wish was an escort but won't pay huge cost other than typical $200/hr for an outcall escort.

We continued to have a wonderful time, my highest 3 songs and 5 highest intimacy rating. It is now 2:15am, they close at 2 but no time pressure to get out as dancers and customers leave and there is still a stage dancer dancing.

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