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>Midway Invader Wed Night 3/29/06

Could tell by the parking lot was much busier than New Loco.

Took my usual stand.. and soon had some dancers approach.

Princess from Trinidad - Friendly a bit larger than my ideal but still enjoyable for 2 dances. She also had me to some massage on her back she liked so much during "free" time. About a 3 on my 0-5 intimacy scale (5 highest).

Cassandra from Nigeria - a bit more talkative and friendly - a bit larger breasts than my idea but very nice, enjoyed 2 dances and 3.5 on my intimacy scale and it was obvious she enjoyed my type of interaction.

Mechelle or Michelle (she pronounced it with a long e) from Romania. AH... these wonderful Eastern Europeans I often enjoy in Canada. At first I thought she was just a big flirt watching her approach others at tables. But when she nuzzled up to my stand she immediately melted into me as I started to nicely massage her back. Beautiful face, very nice more slender body. Off we go. One of best at combining sensuality, intimacy and sexuality in various positions. Did 3 songs (the most I do only with the best) and my highest 5 intimacy rating.

It is getting close to 2am closing and dancers are no longer cruising the floor, otherwise I would have probably had one more before closing.

Off to my favorite late night, once on each trip visit to Club Two Mountains Massage.

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