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New Locomotion Wed night 3/29/06


Well I am back to Toronto a bit earlier this year than usual since your government sent me a letter wanting to meet me - no not for award from tourism industry - for promoting Canadian travel but for my CANPASS application. Nice weather but still cooler than what I'm use to in Phoenix. I usually wait till you warm up more and Phoenix is too hot, but since had to come for CANPASS, am enjoying trip!

I had to meet with Canadian Immigration within 90 days of a letter received in January saying I passed background checks. I applied back in August after my 2-hour interrogation at Victoria airport thinking I was someone bad from Florida and the all the sexwork issues came up when they examined by laptop. No problem last two trips to Toronto since then but I wanted to get CANPASS to bypass the immigration folks. Had to report to CANPASS to get iris's (like in eyeballs) photographed since they use Iris identification to verify who you are and on future trips can bypass immigration line and their questions.

My first stop to get my hands on some nice nude gals I enjoy so much in strip clubs was the New Locomotion. Gee, the sign even says "New".

Didn't think it was as bad as some reports I've read here. Layout seems a bit similar to Midway Invader on a bit smaller scale. Some reviews say not the best looking girls, some quite heavy etc. But I didn't see anyone I wasn't attracted to. Mostly very young slender dancers.

Very light crowd - almost as many dancers as customers. Most of the dancers seemed to hang out in groups together a bunch of them with some black guys at one table and maybe 3-4 with other young lads at another.

Cute waitress I wish was a dancer - Shirley I believe, slender, friendly wearing a tank top. Said was her first week working here.

Natalie - very friendly approach sitting in my lap at table, but dance was mostly non contact just teasing like... a strip dancer. No intimacy like I enjoy. Was nice but while I have no interest in illegal extras as folks know that have read my reviews over the years I very much enjoy good high touch intimacy - and finding dancers that respond so well who also enjoy the type of nonsexual but caring, sensual, intimate touch which is my interest. Only did 1 song with Natalie.

Lisa - half Lebanese - much more what I'm use to at the "trio" clubs which now will have to be referred to as the Quads? (MI, Loco, CB, Million Dollar all with same famous rich owner) Lisa very quickly melted into my arms nicely stroking me as I was caressing her body. Those wonderful just right soft natural B breasts (I prefer smaller not D's and much prefer natural). She was a bit passive but obviously enjoyed what I was doing and made lots of nice comments. As folks know I rarely do more than 2 songs unless really wonderfully intimate and then 3 is my limit (well did 4 with one dancer I believe last trip but that was a first). I enjoy meeting and interacting with different dancers and getting their reaction to my type of touch. Did 2 songs and hoped to meet a few more dancers. At the end she nicely mentioned "good vibes" she felt about me as we hugged goodbye :)

It is now about 12:30am and most of the other dancers are either off in the smoking room or a few went back to the dressing room with no others working the floor. I would have danced with any dancer that had approached me, I didn't see anyone I wasn't attracted to - maybe I'm just not that picky, although again not big artificial breasts and I prefer slender as virtually all the dancers were tonight.

Decided to move on and check out next closest club, Midway Invader.

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