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TMMYT Trip report June 2002

Toronto trip 6/14/02 - 6/17/02

No, old Dave in Phoenix isn't coming till 6/27th but I was asked to post this trip report. I have not edited it so typos are not mine - this time :(

Dave - Can you please post this to the all the Toronto Boards. . Please let people know that it's from TMMYT. I appreciated.

I stayed at the Best Western Primrose in downtown Toronto on Carlton. At first glance I was disappointed because I arrived at the hotel at 12:30pm and all of the parking space was taken up so I had to park about 2 blocks down the street. And I was told my that the hotel was a 4stars. It can pass for a 3 star hotel. After my second day there I did manage to get a space for my car so I was happy. Once you have space, you will have unlimited in/out access for $15 for one day. Over I would recommend this hotel because it is very affordable convient to most of the downtown agencies and if you like street action it's right around the corner.( you can walk 1blk for the SWs)

FYI: The hotel has a policy that they give escorts a hard time and would not let some of them in after 11:30pm, I had to go down to the lobby to get her and that is after talking to the duty manager. Pain in the butt. Expect to pay $65-80us for 1 one. A fellow hobbyist recommend the Delta Chelsa, but I have not research that hotel. From the web site it looks nice enough.

You can get almost any kind of food with in a short taxi ride away or a short walk. I like Asian food so Spindia Ave located about 6 blk west of the Best western Primrose was a good choice. Lots of little asian gift stores and you can get your money exchange there in almost any gift shops. One even opens till 11pm which is nice just in cause you run out of cash in the middle of the nite. The exhange rate was very comparable to the bank. I got 1.52can at the bank and at the China Town gift shop I got 1.515, not bad for the convenient. There is also a ATM that stay open late there too and most of the restaurants close at 3-4am. So after along nite of hot sex you must be hungry, right?.

First I like to mention the RIP-OFF agency.. Asian Angels -they advirtise like there no tomorrow with girls that gives guys a boner just looking at their ad. I called them and was promised a hot looking 23yr old petite Asian cute. very nice and convincing on the phone, what arrive was a 35-40 yr old SW type with a not so hot bod. She's the first escort that I sent away. Most of the time I am a horny dog so if the escort arrive and they are fu$%able I do it. But not this time. I didnt want to have nightmares afterwards.

A strong caution of Russian agencies..I had one the promise me a young 20yr old Inga and even ask me to become a frequent member so I can get rewards. what area was a cracked out 27yr lady that has a 7yr old son waiting for her at home and her husband just left her and she hates men but needs to put food on the table. Inga 416-924-8555 She was decent enough, but definitely not a repeat! I hear to many sob stories as it is.

These are some of the better escorts. Angie at VIP was a young girl (20) who loves to cuddle and play with you. But she is definitely not super hot like some guys make her out to be, she is cute and sweet I would rate her as 4-5-5. 416-781-5555 5'7 blond slim 105 20yr

Juliette at EC is a wonderful French girl who speaks perfect English and she is very sensual. she loves sex and radiates it. I had the best time on my trip with her and she knows her stuff. She will even give u a nice soap rub in the shower afteward. For you guys thinking about booking in the next few months, sorry guys she is going back to French for the summer till Sept. 5-5-5 And one more thing she loves to be blind folded and you know the rest. For you guys who likes DATY, sorry she doesn't. But trust me you will like her. 416-410-3382 EC 5'4 blond sholder length 105lb 20yr $290can

Tracy at Cachet is a blond with a very nice figure and face. I mean if you saw this girl while sitting at a bar you would pick her up or at least try to. She only works days cuz she is native to toronto and doesn't want her friends to know about what she's doing. And most of her friends works in the day so it works out for her. I would say, a little short of a model she is hot and I had a good time with her. She just start in the business a month ago, so be gentle. I guess she doesn't like giving BJ cuz she just went straight to sex, which is fine with me but a little disappointing cuz at that price u expect a little more $350can Not into conversation, i guess you can say that she is the hottie in the class and she doesn't need to make small talk for the boys to like her. 5'7 blond 110lbs 21yr 5-5-4 no bj 416-410-3382

Jamie at Cachet is is a another blond with Cachet and I did not like her. She has a negative personality and my guess is due to some bad experiences with males in the pass view us as.."being good for sperm production" .She does look decent all dress up in a tight outift, but she does have a little extra in her waist. Don't get me wrong a very good looking her that I would give a long grace to at a bar, thinking to myself what it would be like to sleep with her. 5'9 125lb blond. No good conversation.

Inga-Russian 27yr have 7yr old son. been in Toronto 4yr and ok, but I would not repeat cuz she talks to much non-sense. 5'5 120lb blond died job.

Anjelicia ( Anjekika) with Cachet is not as young and light skin as in her picture. I booked her way in advance thinking that I was going to get a simple, yet sexy asian girl and it turns out I got a sexy asian lady. Now you have to understand that I'm a young guy and I'm looking for an escort that is younger than me, tought to find. She did her job and gave be a long CBJ, but I was not turned on cuz I perfer blonds. 5'5 110ln 23-25yr old asian. Would not repeat. Pic is a little mis-leading but not the agency fault she refuse to let them use a more current photo of her cuz she didnt want her co-workers at her regular job to know.

Crystal at EC is a little 20 yr who just can to Canada from Russia. She is blond and has a really nice face and good personality and her body is ok. She is similair to Juilette , but Juilette is definitely in better shape. A lot of fun and she likes sex, but needs a little more experience so help her out guys. She does duo with her cousin who works with the same agency, though her cousin is 27. 5'4 115lb blond short -sholder length. good english

Lisa with a Russian agency that i can't quite remember the name is not a blond as advertise. she has been in the country 20days and does bbbj, but I have to admit that after she told me she started working at 5pm when I saw her at 12am that did turn me off. She even had ran out of condoms and she doesn't just condom when performing BJ so what does that tell you. I hope she didn't have a call after mine cuz she didn't shower after we were done. So that leaves me thinking that she doesn;t shower at all after seeing a client. I really wash up after she left. <Living on the Edge> 5'5 110 23yr a little english. Oh, just for your info I always bring condoms with me on a trip so we were safe when it came to doing the deed.

Over all my trip was a lot of fun some of the things that I recommend is getting a smaller car if you're renting cuz those under ground hotel lots can be a bit tricky to drive around in. Impossible if you can in a van. Get a room with two beds so that one for sex and one to sleep in cuz maid service is not open late. And I hate to think that I might be sleeping in another guys deal. Especially, after we had a long hour and she climaxed. Change money, never pay cash. Ask the lady or guy at the agency what skin color the girl is cuz a blk girl can be a blond too or an asian can be a blond. Ask them if the "gurantee the girl is pretty" that way you have a reason to send them away if they are not. I always give them a $50 for coming over, just to nice.

Thanks everyone for all the useful info that you have posted on various boards. I hope that by reading my info that it helps you have a good and safe time in Toronto.

TMMYT  (Again NOT Dave in Phoenix report and not edited)

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