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Fortunately bait and switch or other scams are rare in Canada vs. the U.S. But here is a warning which was posted on that is important to share here.

Here is link to updated Scam report link on terb:


Warning: Amazing Toronto Escorts

There have been a few threads regarding agencies connected to Amazing Toronto Escorts. These agencies are all bait and switch operations. So far, there has not been a single good review about any of the girls from here. Stay away.

  • Valentine Escorts
  • Red Lipstick Escorts
  • Merry Christmas Escorts
  • Playful Bunnies
  • Midnight Trysts
  • Russian Dreams
  • Sixth Avenue Escorts
  • Girlfriends Escorts
  • Leather & Lace Escorts
  • European Dreams Escorts
  • Hearts Escorts
  • Brunettes Escort Service
  • 1st Class Escorts
  • Kara's Girls
  • Sensual Touch
  • Toronto Blondes
  • High Heels Escorts
  • Exotic Beauties Escort Service
  • Andrea Wilde's Escorts
  • Red Rose Escorts
  • Exotic Elegance Escorts
  • Fetish Toronto Escorts
  • Sweet Vibrations Escorts

I just ran across another site that has agencies with the same girls as Amazing Toronto Escorts. Escorts Toronto has the same look and feel as well as the same admin contact information as Amazing Toronto Escorts. The agencies listed here are:

  • Cowgirls of Canada
  • Schoolgirls Escorts
  • Holly Housewife
  • After Hours Escorts
  • Tropical Dreams
  • Bargain Choice Escorts

I suggest avoid these agencies as well as those listed on Amazing Toronto Escorts. I would also be suspicious of any agency that is listed along with them because they are probably related.

I totally agreed with you. I pretended to look for a driver position by calling all the numbers under Amazing Toronto Escorts and the same lady answered the phone. Each time she told me they are not looking for anyone. They have their own drivers.

RedZone Ripoff Alert - source post:

The “lady’ in question goes by several names in the RedZone. These have recently included Melissa, Amber and Sindy. Previous aliases have included Ginger, Angela and Candy. She never has any pictures, only does incalls. The ads, although running at the same time, are different from one another but they all share her voice with subtle differences.

So this is how it goes…. you call, she says to come to the High Park area and call again she will give directions. You book for a specific amount of time (1hr) at an agreed to price (200$). You arrive in the area and call. She gives you her address. So far so good right? Wrong. She opens the door without even introducing herself she turns around and closes the door behind you. She is 5’6, overweight, big snout, long platinum blond to her mid back and makeup and jewelry that would make Divine look classy.

The dark trashy apartment is decorated in stuffed animals and leopard prints. She ends all her sentences with “Sweeeeety” in a voice that is half Twinky and part (rant, rant, rant, rant)…Anyway, the first words out of her mouth are “Money first Sweeeeeety”. I pay. She says to get undressed. I explain that I am in no hurry and that as per her ad I would like a massage first to relax. She says “Oh, I don’t have time for that Sweeeeety I have another appointment in half an hour”. In a dumb attempt to salvage a rapidly disintegrating situation; I try to explain to her that that wasn’t what we agreed to. She says” Well let’s see what we can do Sweeeety. Get undressed” Like an idiot….I do. I’ll stop here.

The experience was awful. She was nasty. I got ripped off. I’m an imbecile. Everything I asked for was extra. Rant, rant, rant. The original purpose of this post was not to rant. I just want to warn everyone not to fall for the same BS I did. Watch out for too good to be true postings in the RedZone and any incalls to the High Park area. If you go to an incall in that area and a platinum blond answers the door……RUN!

A reply:
at least she didn't pull a doll out of the closet and told u to fuck that while she watches

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