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Escort Plans Failed Due to Root Canal!

Escort Plans Failed Due to Root Canal!

Well so much for my good planning. After being at Radisson Mississauga Hotel ($US34/night) for 5 days, enjoying strip clubs and NR massage I was then at a nice downtown hotel (Courtyard by Marriott $US34/night +$CDN15/day just to park) for 4 nights. I was looking forward to an escort a night without having to pay the big premium for most to come out to the airport/Mississauga area.

After the Esalen Massage Demo and seeing a client downtown on Monday, I developed a terrible toothache, which resulted in my having to have a root canal! Fortunately I found a nice dentist just a few blocks from the hotel that with 2 days of appointments fixed my tooth problem. But for the 4 nights I was downtown I was too much in pain (even with pain meds) to want to see an escort. I am now back to normal and by the airport for my last two nights before returning to Phoenix early Sunday morning.

The Dentist did have a very sharp, nice, good looking dental assistant from Russia who I got to know a bit...but not the intimate way I had hoped to be spending with escorts while downtown. Go to Toronto and have a root canal was not my expectation for this trip. The only good news - I think the cost was substantially less than it would have been back in Phoenix.

I had especially wanted to see Summer at GOE. I tried them on Friday but she will not be working till Monday, when I will be back in Phoenix. Hope she is still in the business next trip!

On Friday I got back in the swing of things with great time with Nina@SRM and Robin at! Reports in massage section to come

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