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So many choices, so little time and $ !

I still have an extensive spread sheet of escorts, lots of saved reviews and recommendations but its been 7 months since last Toronto visit so need to update and start my selection of possible escorts to meet. This trip I may not be as active in helping the Canadian economy with so many reviews as last three trips since your economy is now doing better than the U.S. !

Before scouting the review boards getting updated over the next few weeks, someone PM'd me suggesting saying "Give the Red Zone a shot, lots of SP's in there." I usually don't like listing boards vs review boards but gee 169 entries of mostly independents!

It is a real challenge and very time consuming to try and keep up with the large volume of reviews on the Toronto review boards. So I thought I'd try making a few selections from The Red Zone and then search the boards for any reviews.

Where ever I go, I do extensive pre-trip research since I am the organized type and not about to waste much time researching when in Toronto what I can do in the weeks before my 6/27/02 trip.

Of course your interests will be very different from mine, but I share my explorations based on my interest which are more to the intimacy side, not just teasing sex talk or ad text and I also enjoy finding intelligent life forms in a sexworker.

I also enjoy finding new providers that may not be already heavily reviewed on the review boards and try and meet new gals each trip. Since I also enjoy nude-reverse massage and Mississauga strip clubs I only see a few escorts each trip.

Personality, a warm heart, and genuinely enjoying her work and intimacy along with a body type I am attracted to is important to me. Personality is hard to judge from ads but I look for clues in the text/ audio. Body wise my only preferences are slender or medium build, soft skin and not huge breasts... and speaking good English helps (thinking of the many Russian/E European escorts in Toronto).

The selection of possibilities on theredzone wasn't that hard since I ignore all non-picture ads. And some of them are scams also. I do like to see a provider's pictures. The audio that many ads have is also interesting. Some of the listings I already recognized and many link to the escorts main website.

One of my biggest peeves is escorts that don't show their prices on there websites. I usually assume if they don't say, they probably are too high and I'm not interested in paying much over $CDN200/hr ($US130). So I quickly eliminate ads such as xxxxxxxx who has so many multiple ads and others that sound like they are gods gift to men vs the down to earth GFE intimacy I enjoy. I am not the exclusive upper class "Gentleman" that many providers only seem to seek - which usually mean highest cost providers. I am not looking for a street hooker either!

At the other extreme I don't like ads that are mostly just titillating sex talk. Sometimes the audio remind me of the Thailand welcome girls with the constant tune of "Welcome sexy man" as everyone goes by the door to strip clubs etc. The best .. worst example of this is the audio of Su-Ling.

A example of an audio, picture and text I did like was Lisa (slender black with kissable lips). Doing a search for "Lisa" on the board with the most reviews (terb) I come up with 230 hits! Far too many to go through. But then I search on her phone number - bingo... someone asked about her ad and included her phone number and had good review.

My next possibility was Amber Moon whose pictures I liked, her liking hugs, cuddles and smooches and she just comes across as a warm person. Her websites suggest she is more of a dancer/ entertainer but the ad says open minded escort. Then I did searches on some review sites and sure enough mostly excellent GFE reviews. She was off awhile and back working in mid-June with new website. She is a bit higher per a review than my usual $200/hr limit ($250) but seems it was a good choice. One review says she doesn't kiss so I am not sure what smooches means on her ad but that's minor. I will try and E-mail her for specifics and consider meeting her.

My last choice is someone well known and active on some review boards so I won't mention her name - and her rates may be out of my range. She doesn't link to her website on theredzone but I know she has one... yes found it...well she has a 2 hour minimum and is on vacation when I am in Toronto, so that eliminates her!

For newbies, this may give some ideas on how to research providers instead of just posting. "Here I am, who should I see" on the boards! My pre trip research has just begun! Just found another great potential from terb board:

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