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"Ametuer With Many Questions
Money, ads, how to begin"
Dave's Answers

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"Ametuer With Many Questions Money, ads, how to begin"
Asked about fees, safety etc.
My reply since might be of interest and I'd rather talk about it in Canadian context where its legal.


First since I am in the U.S. (but see hardly any providers locally vs many in Toronto and created, I have to state I am not promoting sexual services since even promoting it is possibly illegal in the U.S., even if I am "promoting" it in Canada where it is legal. But based on free speech rights I will make some comments while not encouraging or promoting it for any individual.

First of all I would suggest you not get into the business if its just because you feel you have to due to financial aspects.

Your statement, "I'm outta work and sex seems to be the only thing I'm good at these days" makes me think sexwork isn't what you should be doing.

If you have emotional or moral issues, don't really enjoy sex with different men or other issues, I suggest you do not get involved in sexwork. But there are many women who do enjoy different men, don't have any emotional or moral issues, etc. Those that are the best in the business actually enjoy the business (or at least with most customers) and the attitude of enjoying vs. putting up with, very strongly comes across to clients. At least in Canada you don't have the extreme anti-sex mentality (unless married or to sell products) or laws that we have in the U.S.

Unlike the silly pricing games, tipping, up pricing, cash and dash scams in the U.S., Canada for the most part, and especially in Toronto and Montreal, most respected providers have flat pricing with no gimmicks or games and probably 85% are in the $200-250/hr ($Cdn of course = $US150-185) range. Independents sometimes are at the lower end since they are making all the money not sharing maybe 50% with an agency. On the other hand a new unknown provider may need to charge even less until she is known as a desired provider.

For a new provider, an agency can be a good way to start, since as an unknown independent it may be very hard to get clients. You can put ads in local mags Eye, View, etc., but there are zillions and no way to know who to go to as a customer with so little information. That is why review boards such as TERB Review Board section of are so valuable and I would rarely consider going to a provider that hasn't had good reviews from respected reviewers. Because of your favorable legal situation there is a huge supply or providers but also more customers than in the U.S. In the U.S. I think there may be more "affairs" going on vs. a sexworker which would seem to me to be a far better option than an affair or picking up some gal in a bar.

Another idea that a very sharp gal in Phoenix is starting, but I have not seen done in Canada, is a service that helps the independent stay independent and not have to give up 50% of fees, but will answer phone, set appointments, have a web page with associated providers but only charge a booking fee of say $25/appt. I think the economics work, and seems far less costly to the provider than giving up maybe 50% of her $200-250 to an Agency. On the other hand if she wants to be very busy see more clients but earn less per hour, or have an Agency provided driver, support of working with a great agency owner and others gals in the Agency, that can make sense also. You have some great Agencies in Toronto with honest, caring, interested in helping both customers and providers Agency owners. And you also have some less desirable Agencies that just take advantage of you and are not worth much to the provider.

Most sexwork (in Canada where legal - outcall) the flat price includes bj, intercourse, with daty, dfk, varying depending on the provider if she is comfortable but if so I've never heard of any higher fee. For role play such as B/D most providers that offer it specialize in it or it may be a higher fee, depending on exactly what is offered. Greek is more rare due to health issue but usually isn't more costly if the provider is open to it.

For safety I NEVER recommend bbbj or any sexual activity, oral or other without using a condom. The risk is mostly the providers, for most STD's. Just being "fingered" can give you a bacterial infection as a MT I know found out. But its low risk. HIV isn't really any real issue but other STD's while rare, are a real issue. Also absolutely get Hepatitis 3 shot vaccine series. Hep is very easy to catch and can be very bad since usually not discovered until its done Kidney damage, yet the vaccine is very effective. Anyone sexually active should have the Hep vaccine series..yes I have.

There are some brief comments, off the top of my head. Best wishes on whatever you do and hopefully you can find a fulfilling career regardless of what it is.

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