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and for those with my interest in a high intimacy factor not just sexual stimulation

July 2001 Reports
Lovely Laura Escort


I had missed Laura on my last trip as she was busy but we had exchanged some E-mails and Laura had made suggestions for the group tour to Toronto idea that someone had suggested on a Phoenix board.

Laura arrived a little early which was fine. Very down to earth "what you see is what you get" type person, which I liked. She had just returned from a great time in New York City.

Session was very nice, playful and she aims to please in whatever you like and was wonderful with my particular oddities. Yes as her website says, she possess a gentle, almost intuitive touch, a soft voice, a delightful giggle, and a penchant for pampering you. And she obviously enjoys sexuality and sharing with men.

Laura is a very busy beaver, going to school, having to take tests just about every day which is why she limits herself to one client a day.

A very nice lady .


Michelle from  Dream Dates
416-410-5710  BUT NO LONGER AVAILABLE Nor is the agency.

This (was) the "NEW Higher Standard - Mid-Priced Outcalls", affordable price division of VIP Companions. I believe that good sexuality should be available to as many people as possible not just the wealthy so I try and support good services that are at a lower price. $200 vs $250 isn't that huge of a difference to me, but enough that I have put my upper limit at $250 and will look for quality lower cost providers if I can find them. VIP and Troy seem to have a very good reputation and I liked what they said on the site about trying to attract quality providers by a favorable compensation arrangement and still offer $200/hr quality providers. For any U.S. viewers that is only $US132/hr.

Well,,,,lets see what they have as far as providers. I had not seen any reviews so I took the chance in virgin territory. I checked the schedule on their website, obviously just starting to get providers along with clients. Looking at Sunday night the only one on the schedule was Michelle.

While her body type from the pictures was my type, (I love reasonabley tall, slender and short hair), the description of class, elegance and a ballet trained women didn't seem to fit my interests in more down to earth, warm, cuddly, caressing, real person, not the model type to worship and adore their body.

But I gave them a call, more to find who might be more my type, not necessarily for tonight and get a feel for how they answer. Some agencies give you the sales pitch making the worst dead fish sound like the outgoing exotic type.

I described what I was looking for, and the phone lady immediately suggested...guess who... Michelle... I was skeptical.

They as many other agencies charge a travel premium to Mississauga but at least it was only $20 more vs Allisons which is $50, bringing their fee up to my limit of $250, but look for others lower. Allisons as I reported last trip however, has one of the best reputation for helpfulness and quality escorts, I just am looking for a bit lower rate to Mississauga, especially since last trip the gal was only a few minutes from me anyway near the airport.

But phone lady .. who turned out to be Troy's partner and owner, Aeisha was so friendly and enthusiastic about Michelle very much being the warm, intimate, enjoying older men (old Dave) type that I seek, that I had to give her a try.


I am very glad I did - a perfect match... Aeisha was exactly right, not just trying to be a saleswomen!

A nice hug and kiss at the door when we first met. Very friendly, intelligently talkative, open sharing the real her. She started to "get comfortable" as soon as she called in rather than me having to think " how do I nicely suggest the escort get out of her clothes." Perfect nice breasts 34B not huge but very adequate (I prefer this size). Very warm naked bodies together and a very real "intimacy connection" as I define it.

After some nice kissing, hugging, caressing (Dave's favorite sports), she offered to give me a massage. I pleasantly surprised her a bit saying how much I liked to give massage. I can't do good massage on a bed, need a massage table like at MP but was enjoyable to give and I think she really did enjoy relaxing.

The website description is correct that she has sensual lips, which love to nicely kiss the way I like, not tongue down your throat type, but a more intimate kind of kiss which is also meaningful to her.

In sex, she likes many positions and I enjoyed my favorite with her that provides lots of G-spot and penile stimulation. While I am not an oral fan she also loves men to do oral on her.

We talked about for the moment sincere soul type connections which she really related to. She understands connecting with different men in the moment very well. She has had some profound sexual healing in her own life which has turned her into a women very comfortable with her body, her sexuality and being able to sincerely enjoy men despite some earlier issues.

Because of some of her growth experiences, she so openly shared, I thought of trying an on the floor, tantric position that was the basic honest intimate communications position used in powerful sexuality growth workshops I was active in many years ago. I suggest husband and wife, girlfriend/boyfriend get in this position especially when they need to lovingly have very honest open communications instead of going to bed mad at each other.

This was the position we were sharing in both verbally, sensually and sexually, when the call came time was up. Very good timing...a perfect hour session with a wonderful, attractive women. I believe she also could be a wonderful sexual healer, for men that have sexual issues or problems. I wish I had a partner like her in Phoenix to work with helping men and women with sexual issues I get involved with via She seems to be very much like myself in some ways, in the growth we have done to become who we now are.

I enjoyed sharing very much with Michelle at all levels. She is experienced in the business in another Canadian city where she was very popular, as I can see why. She really is a Dream Date.

December 2000
Allison's Adoring Angels - "Andi"
NOTE: Andi is no longer there but this is one of best reviewed agencies however charges a high premium to go to the airport/Mississauga area which is why I have not used since.

Old Dave has been enjoying lap dances at strip clubs and nude-reverse body rub parlors but once in awhile also enjoys more sexual sharing. But the prices for good escorts are so much more just to add the sex option vs. intimacy that I am very selective since great sex with the most beautiful body without the intimacy factor isn't as fulfilling as a great intimacy experience without the sex. From reading so many escort reviews finding that combination is very hard.

Toronto is known for its rip offs and less than desired service of escorts, especially in the past with its history in the early 90s ties to New York Escort services. Today many believe the Internet is mostly responsible for escort services getting more honest . The rip offs are warned against in reviews and the honest services are given credit for great services and great ladies.

In my research it seems most agencies are hit and miss depending on the girl. And it gets very difficult to try and book a certain gal at a time you are available. And by the time you research reviews and made decisions, often she is no longer with that agency! Actually I prefer independents, but they are often even harder to book with and many require 48 hours advance booking since if they are good they are busy.

Many of the best reviewed agencies cater to the "distinguished, sophisticated, gentleman seeking the classiest escorts and most beautiful fantasy body". I have no interest in such an escort, but rather a "real" women down to earth, not flying on a cloud with angel wings. seems in Toronto there are some angels that have come to earth and are more like Monica in "Touched by an Angel" than just angels on high to be worshipped by adoring men. Some angels seem to disguise themselves as real humans and offer the for the hour, GFE that many men seek.

Allison's Adoring Angels founded by a provider (Allison..duh).. consistently has the best reviews for honest dependable services. Many have praised Allison herself who often answers the phone and helps men make their selections. I spoke to Elizabeth who was also very helpful.

One reason I have tended to avoid escorts in Toronto is by staying in Mississauga (near airport) costs are higher with most agencies than if you are in the downtown area. I much prefer the non-downtown hotels with lower costs, easier access without congestion, and of course will so many strip clubs and body rubs within such a short distance of hotel in Mississauga.  Pricing is far lower than in the U.S. which is why I seldom visit escorts in the U.S. I am just not interested in paying U.S. prices often with escorts with U.S. attitudes.

I decided to take the plunge expense wise and try a down to earth Angel from Allison's. Rates are $CAN220 hour downtown or $CAN250 ($US164) in Mississauga for an hour session. The higher out of downtown cost is to pay a driver.

I had a nice discussion of my odd interests of intimacy not just sex with Elizabeth. She was very helpful and friendly. Scratching her head... with my odd fetishes vs. who was available...she recommended Andi, who is Asian (actually Indonesian heritage and something else).  She calls Andi and calls me back to confirm promptly About five minutes before arrival the driver calls to say they are almost here. She arrives right on time.

We seemed to click right away. Andi is sharp and intelligent.  We were a perfect match intimacy wise. I enjoyed doing some massage on her, which very much relaxed her and set the stage for a very warm session. It did remind me I love to massage attractive women, but on a table at a body rub is much easier for some of the Esalen strokes I enjoy sharing. But being able to snuggle next to her on a bed is an advantage. The ultimate is the 2 hr body/body massages in Bangkok or Pattaya, Thailand. First you do the bath, than the soapy body body on a air mattress in water and then an hour of great intimate sex on a bed. But that is Thailand...Back to Canada.

In our discussion it turns out she was brand spanking new to the escort business. in fact just separated from husband in another city and moved to Toronto. Despite her total lack of experience for a long time with other men, she was very comfortable. She did need a bit of training however...she admitted she has no idea how to put a condom on :( She also got sore easily and I was a bit heavy on top of her, she being only 105 lbs and I'm 210. But despite those minor in my view drawbacks her intimacy, willingness sexually and honesty were very enjoyable to experience.  A very down to earth Angel, the type Dave likes.

BTW I often wonder about some women having no problem with big old Dave on top and others that do.

Anyway a good escort experience, but I may not do others unless I find what is a great intimacy match vs. cost. I am enjoying lower cost lap dancing and body nude reverse rubs which for me are also so enjoyable. If only we had these options in the States. But while I'm here its like Dave being in a candy or adult Disneyland vs. the U.S., which is why I extended my stay for 2 days (leaving Thurs instead of Tuesday).

Update from a public review 12/31/00 of a shy guy for whom this was his first outcall experience,  who met Andi
"Something to be wary of for some of you: Andi is allergic to cats (I have one), but fortunately my cat spends little time in my bedroom and the sniffling went away after a short time. She also had a hard time with cigarette smoke - I lit up and her coughing started right up. She appologised and I didn't continue smoking; not a big deal for me but might be for some.

For those of you who like to get right to business, this may not have been the ideal visit but for me, it was just what the doctor ordered. I needed that first 30 minutes to get relaxed and comfortable. Andi was very open and friendly and this put me at ease.

She began to massage my shoulders and then suggested that I lie down on the bed so she could do a better job. What followed was one of the best hard back massages I have ever had, and that includes "legitimate" RM therapy!

From there things became more intimate. Before starting, I was unsure of what I could and couldn't do but this turned out to be no problem as she took the initiative and I didn't need to ask permission. In this way, I was pleased to learn that deep kissing (which I really enjoyed) was not a problem. Neither were other activities best enjoyed using tongues. In this way, I also came to appreciate how clean and fresh she was!

There was a bit of an awkward moment when she couldn't get the condom on me herself. That sort of broke the mood a little but things got back on track soon enough. I'm not naive enough to believe that I was the best she'd ever had but I can say she did a very convincing impression of a woman who was having multiple happy endings; I know I am not faking when I tell you I had several memorable moments of truth.

I was seriously wondering if I would ever move again by the time the phone rang (two hours and fifteen minutes after her arrival)...the driver was reminding her that time was up.

Andi massaged me a few minutes before dressing and got ready to leave. It was only at this point in the evening that she mentioned that she needed to take something with her. Not bringing that subject up at all during our rendezvous really helped my mood.

All in all, a two hour booking from Allison's costs $420 in
downtown Toronto. All things considered, for me, this was money well-spent. I know I'll see Andi again."

Dave notes: Looks like she is enjoying it and got into kissing...eventually she will learn to put condoms on (I was one of her first she had done after separating from her husband and going into escorting).

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