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November 2001 Reports  

Anna at
UPDATE 10/02 No Longer An Escort, understand dancing at a strip club in different Canadian city


$CDN250/hr ($US$155) Wonderfully sweet Russian lady. I had been attracted to her interest in the intimacy side on her website and then as I was trying to decide among many choices, received an E-mail especially recommending her for my interests as I've been sharing.

It was a perfect match for old Dave. One of best intimate sexual experience I've had in a long time. Reminded me of some of the French Canadians of Montreal or a few great Thai gals when I was in Thailand.

Great combination of body, sensual and sexual skills and values the intimacy aspects as much as I do. Very much the GFE as I define it.

No digits, deep kissing and everything safe of course, but a delightfully sweat young lady just as her website promises.

Gee, reminds me that one of the large "Meet a Russian Bride" sites Foreign Affair that has matchmaking tours to Russia is located just a few blocks from my home in Phoenix. Problem is I love the intimacy of so many Russian women but don't want to have to marry them unless really perfect match. Don't have the time for the many trips to Russia to find out and research seriously.

As i understand it, in Canada it is much easier for Eastern Europeans ...and probably any foreigner at least in the past, like Arab terrorists :( ... to immigrate to Canada. Usually the only way to bring a foreign women to the U.S. is to marry them.

I have had many great experiences with Russian and Eastern European escorts, dancers and massage parlors gals. The only disadvantage is old Dave has a hard time understanding at times due to the foreign accent. Anna however, was quite easy to communicate with verbally as well as of course sensually. 

Nicollete@Hollywood Escort BUT NOW AT Select Company Escorts (another good agency)
Now pictures and info at:

This image of Nicollete from Select Company public web site is used with full credit, is being shared under the Fair Use provision of the U.S. and Canadian Copyright laws and International treaties for educational purposes with no financial gain.

$CDN200/hr ($US124) but charge $15 extra for Mississauga location vs downtown. But not as much of a surcharge as Allisons which is why I now avoid. Now with Select Company total cost is $CDN240 to Mississauga area.

I was attracted to her pictures and she has had some very good reviews. Called about 7pm and she would be available about 10:30. She called promptly at 10:30 and said was running a bit late, which was fine. Arrived at 11pm. Very gorgeous slender tall, even better than pictures. Born in Hungary but has been in Canada since age 3.

One of nicest bodies old Dave has had in a long time....but..... zero on the intimacy scale. Almost as bad as Amy sweetpeach in my Vancouver review who has since wisely gotten out of the business and just sells sexy pictures. Lots of guys had the same "like a corpse" reports on her. No, Nicollete not that bad, and I am sure she is ideal for those just looking for a really sexy body to hump.

We had good conversation, she has been seeing guys all day/night long and I can understand why she is a bit burned out emotionally perhaps. We honestly discussed the intimacy factor and she was very open to say she really is more the porn star type that likes to moan a lot for effect and would love to do a lesbian porn movie. She isn't into caressing, hugging, stroking like I enjoy, just being used for sex. She also said I would be a perfectly wonderful match for her friend Virginia also (was) at Hollywood Escort, who loves the intimacy side. She rarely refers guys to other escorts, but really thought we would be an ideal match.

1/02 Update:  Virginia left the business (again).  Stephanie who runs Hollywood Escorts was very helpful by phone in giving me information.  Stephanie highly recommends Danielle as having more the personality of Virginia. See her pictures (pull down menu at

Again Nicollete is very attractive, sexy body which most men would very much enjoy. But since the intimacy for the moment factor is a big part of the experience for me we were not a good match.

I often find more of the short-term intimacy factors I enjoy the most at the 3 strip clubs or especially the nude-reverse parlors. It is much better with the right escort (like Anna from Russia), but it takes a much higher commitment in time and money not knowing if the escort is going to be a good match or not for my interests.


416-892-4597 $CDN200 ($US125/hr)

I had tried to set up appointment with Nicolette's referred friend Virginia at Hollywood Escort. But 30 minutes later friendly Stephanie called saying she couldn't locate her. Then tried sexy black Cindy but just reached answering machine.

After meeting so many wonderfully intimate Russians at Cannonball, and great experience with Anna at a few days earlier, I decided to forget my concern about understanding Russians English and try another Russian for my last night of this trip to Toronto.

I first tried independent Risa, based on a good August review. But some guys answering machine answered so phone may not still be for her.

Then I reached Diana's small Russian agency (or group of gals) that has had good reviews. Very friendly phone person (Old Dave has hard time understanding but got by) Set up appointment for 8pm... but was stuck in very heavy traffic. Driver called about 9:30 a bit lost...asking if I was on East or West Derry Rd (actually E but very close to the E/W line at 5 East). Her lateness wasn't her fault and she was very problem.

Diana has very warm personality nice body (small nice perky breasts) about 5'5; maybe 120 and most of all enjoys the type of intimate sexuality that I seek. Very willing to please, and that nice big smile and looking at you in the eye while sharing such nice intimate sexuality. Enjoys very nice light kisses like I enjoy much more than deep sucking types. I did my usual giving her a massage first which nicely set the mood and she said she very much enjoyed.

She claimed she had never done one of my favorite very intimate sexual positions...can hardly believe...but said she very much liked also and we spend a lot of quality time in that position and various related very intimate positions which I prefer over just hot sex.

She goes to school (including studying computers) and only does escorting occasionally when called. She use to advertise in Now but didn't see ad in latest online edition.

Wonderful warm personality.. only negative is my problem sometimes so hard for me to understand Russian accented English...or any other English with a accent... but she has good English skills, especially compared to what I read in reviews about many other great Russian escorts.

I agree with another review, that Diana is more like an Angel - a down to earth Monica type Angel (referring to TV show Monica's Angels - not sure if you get here), than a Goddess to just worship. She is very down to earth, friendly GFE in my view.
May Ling @ Blue Sky Escorts
$CDN210/hr ($US132)  No Longer Valid website
Previously known as AsiaLyn at Allison's   NOTE 10/02 PICTURE DELETED NO LONG IN THE BUSINESS

Pictures on website are accurate and description: "may ling  21, is a beautiful chinese-canadian college student, she has brown hair & dark brown eyes, 5.3 tall , 110 lb, 34c 24 34 , friendly & open minded."

Very outgoing, versatile and good conversationalist. Arrived within an hour, looked very sharp, called when was about 20 minutes away. Native of Toronto so perfect English, but face very Chinese (I assume Chinese parents).

She's not athletically toned but not fat either.  Has quite pretty long black hair and firm C breasts. A bit perhaps wild fast action in sex...almost too much for poor old Dave, but was enjoyable. Nice light kissing, and seemed quite naturally wet.

Was very professional, like has been in the business quite awhile. Not what I would describe as intimate but very enjoyable sexually. Has allergy to cats so she tries to avoid cat owners. Back has some rash marks she gets from reaction to cats. Has some interesting tattoos but not any distraction.

Doesn't do late night calls since they are mostly drunks she wants to avoid.

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