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July 2002 Full Service Outcall Reports

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Review deleted at her request in 2006 since no longer in the business and could cause personal problems.

Sandra @ VIP Companions
From great reviews and Sharon's (of VIP) recommendation from party Thurs night, Angie seemed like a "must see" for my type of interests. But with your Canada Day holiday, hot and humid week and  Toronto's stinking garbage workers strike,  she apparently was lucky enough to get away for awhile.  Glad I was never in the city of Toronto with all the garbage piling up!

I had also seen great reviews reflecting my more intimacy interests of Sandra and she was on the schedule for Friday night on the VIP site. As usually the VIP gals very helpful in confirming schedules and arranging driver etc. I guess I am staying too far out since cost was extra $30... $CDN280 vs. usual $250/hr.. not clear on that - but not a big deal. Even with the U.S. exchange rate up to .66 still far lower costs for comparative quality than most in the U.S. with all the legal hassles and risk premium charged. Because of the higher costs, I see fewer escorts vs. other options I also enjoy (Nude laps at Strip Clubs and Nude Reverse massage) at lower prices. But do enjoy a few escorts each trip also and have two more appointments for independents next week.

Sandra was very delightful just as prior reviews had described her. Taller (5-8), slender (115 lbs), red haired, B cup, Hungarian, but easy to understand English. Nice tanned body, as pictured at

But most of all she was very much the GFE for my type of interest. I especially enjoy setting the mood by doing my massage things and getting such nice response which sets the stage for more intimacy. A good "touch angel" (referring to my  site). Sexually, Sandra very much wants to please and is very talented. My type of nice cuddler and as well as versatile in various sex positions. Nice kisses...very sweet young lady for old Dave and his interests.

She works a great deal yet still seems fresh and not burned out by seeing so many guys (which amazes me how one can see so many and keep the freshness and great attitude). At least she is going to escape Sat to Niagara for a few days to get away.

Lilith - Well....not quite Had great body and website at  but link now just takes you to Escort Canada site, maybe no longer in business ? Or maybe just on vacation.
Sigh. It seems we simply are not suppose to meet. Had set up appointment 3 weeks ago for last Thursday. She had water main break and flood basement so nicely postponed till last night at 10pm. But she never showed. She has no phone to reach her at just an E-mail. What do I do? How long to I wait? Do I keep off the phone in cases she calls, or use the phone line to check for E-mail from her. I kept the line free except for getting on line every 30 minutes to check.

At midnight feeling a bit lonely, gave up and went to SCs and than C2M (other report). I know escorts or MP places get upset if guy doesn't show, it is just as frustrating for the client waiting not knowing when to give up and do something else when an escort doesn't show. Lilth was one of only 2 of all the ads I read on Redzone many weeks ago that attracted me at all. (Stacy was the other - see prior report). I also have had a number of guys PM and E-mailing me asking to know about Lilth...and I told them I would post a review. So this is to explain why no review. I am sure it would have been great if we ever had met. Maybe next trip.

I did get an E-mail from her about noon today. She had been up North and had car problem so she didn't return until today. No, problem things happen (like her prior water problem) But we still sit and wait for appointment that never shows, being frustrated not knowing what to do since can't reach.

Hopefully overall escorts are usually reliable getting to appointments. This is especially a risk with independents where you don't have an agency to call to check on status of a date. I am sure Lilth is wonderful, just won't be able to find out this trip.

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