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Bo's Toronto - Niagara Falls September 2002 Trip Report

Dave, it was a wonderful experience. I was in Niagara Falls (Canadian side) and up in Toronto during the Labor Day weekend. After being there in Canada, I want to say "Las Vegas brothels, that was just a waste of money". I've been looking for GFE in the wrong place. No BBBJ, DFK, DATY, or in some cases no Russian in those brothels. They reminded me of the movie Naked Gun, when the partners dressed up all the way to the top in condoms before having sex. Dave, I'm like you, I like to enjoy great, intimate sexual experience. And I found that here in Niagara Falls and Toronto.

First I did some research by going through website of providers in Niagara Falls and Toronto. Through the websites I've gone through, the ladies had great bodies, but their face were covered or smudged out, but I didn't mind that. I also went through message board, looking for reviews, and also asking you for advice. So, finally I decided to try out these agencies: Natalie ( located in Niagara Falls, Pleasure Palace Escorts ( located in Hamilton (between Niagara Falls and Toronto), Sensual Touch ( in Toronto, Lollipop ( in Toronto, and Select Company Escort ( - in Toronto.

At Niagara Falls, I spoke to this nice gentleman "Dave", and he suggested me Natalie. Boy... was I glade he did that. Natalie was truly a GFE. She was very passionate about her job, as a consequence of that, let's just say I enjoyed her passion. I was tired afterward, but still went to bed with a big smile.

Up in Toronto, I tried to book some time with Gina from Select Company Escort. I've heard lots of good reviews about her. But unfortunately, she wasn't working that day. I would suggest you book ahead with any of the ladies from there. They all were booked when I asked for the other ladies availabilities. So maybe, next time, I'll book Gina a week in-advance. So then I called up Sensual Touch, and booked an hour with Lisa. When she arrived, I was a little bit disappointed. She was blond and nice body, but not the same caliber as the picture that was posted on their site. She wasn't in a talking mood. I had to pay extras for other services, which were normal from other escorts. Her attitude was like "I'm her and let's just get it over with". So, I just finished our session in less than half an hour. I definitely didn't get that GFE from this session.

On a different day, still in Toronto, I booked an hour with Gwen from Pleasure Palace Escorts. My original thought was to have a session with Tasha, but she wasn't available at that time. So then I chose Gwen because of her biography. When her bio said "raver girl", I knew I had to book her. When she arrived at the door, all I could say was "Wow!", but I didn't say that out loud, cause I had to act cool. She was just the raver type girl I expected. Gwen had a black, thick high heel, boots on, with a short jean tank-top kind-of-like shirt. She was a GFE, I wish I had booked her longer. All I can say is (just think of Jim Carey in Dumb And Dumber)... "I LIKE HER ALOT".

You're probably wondering... what about the Lollipop agency. Well, I called them up and wanted to book some time with Valerie. But they said that Valerie doesn't work there anymore and that they are in the process of taking down Valerie's pictures. So, that just left me thinking... I don't know if I can trust this agency. Therefore, I didn't book anyone from Lollipop. As of today (9/17/02), Valerie's pictures are still up on their website, which makes you go Hmmmm?

Well, that's it Dave. You wanted a report, I hope that was enough. Also, please use "Bo" when referring to me as being the provider of this report.

Best regard, Bo

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