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Tasha @ Goodtime-Escort


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Last night in Toronto wanted to see an escort before I left. Had lots of pre-trip notes, and possibilities. But matching my spreadsheet notes, latest reviews and then the hard part, finding who was available tonight is the tough part. I tried to set up the evening early had about 5 possibilities but agencies said have to wait to they call in to see if working and wouldn't know till about 8pm or so (especially GoodTime).

Finally got connected for a 9:30pm appointment at Goodtime with Tasha. I liked her pictures, my preferred body type and mostly good reviews. The negative in reviews such as didn't like DATY were fine, since I'm not much into oral either.

One of my biggest "issues" is the premium to come out to airport area vs downtown and Goodtime advertised the $220 fee without any mention of a premium for non downtown. But... wrong.... They charge extra $20! Now going back on all the escort pages it says $220 but on the booking page which you don't need to read just call then, it says, "Prices may slightly increase according to your location."

They have credit cards advertised on site, and I prefer using VISA vs having to get cash all the time from ATM. But they charge a 20% surcharge! Never heard of such a ripoff but they go through some computer services company which makes the charge less obvious what its for (I could care less). Most massage places charge $3 or nothing (Allure). So I guess I'll just use cash.

Tasha come a knocking early at just after 9:15pm which is fine. Very friendly greeting at the door, a few jokes, good conversation a few minutes. Nice friendly face, smile, intelligent. No Greek accent, since moved to Canada when 2 years old!

I ask her view of downtown hotels and my best laid plans of seeing escorts DT where less expensive but then my root canal. She agrees she would never want to live downtown for the same reasons, I don't like staying there. But when she has a driver so no parking issues, and with lots of customers clustered close together in hotels it does make sense why they charge less downtown.

At 9:28 she goes to bathroom to get ready and I "get comfortable". Very nice body, texture just like I like, and she is purring nicely saying enjoying the 10 minutes or so I enjoy massaging her like I do in NR parlors (reverse) but much harder on a bed. She mentions my soft hands and touch, very good response and I enjoy her body. Then enjoy the "sex part"... very responsive, very enjoyable other than the kids playing in the hallway outside the room making a lot of noise!

At 9:59 (there is big clock next to bed..I know I'm being a clock watcher but enjoy every minute with such a nice gal in bed with me).. she mentions she has to get ready to go and is into the bathroom for a quick shower at 10pm. Callers her drive and is out the door at 10:09pm. I am not really complaining too much about the time, I guess they could from the time the leave the car till they return, but I've had 30 or 40 minute sessions at massage parlors that last longer, than actually time with Tasha, but they didn't have drivers waiting and maybe a another appointment to get to. In Niagara Falls maybe I was spoiled by full hour in room sessions and of course at much lower rates (almost all $160/hr).

But other than my pickiness about time, I very much enjoyed Tasha, she is friendly, enjoys my type of intimacy, responsive, and very nice body.

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