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Tasha @ Hollywood Escorts

I had not had time to do my usual search for the kind or escort I most enjoy, but still have my spreadsheet of my pre trip reviews from my November trip. Tasha was on my A list mostly from a old 3/05 review of hknolph that got my attention. Usually reviews don't really address what I am most interested in, the true GFE factor as I had originally defined and promoted it back in the days before website using packet readers at 300baud on the old newsgroup. Today it has a very different meaning than when I was among the first to use it.

After enjoying an hour with Tasha I can't add too much to how well hknolph described her including "chemistry was very positive. Tasha is a pretty natural blond with very nice natural C's. She is tall (at least for me) and has just a killer body. The session was very much a girlfriend experience, but not the kind of GFE we all write about on this board. You know all the acronyms we use to define GFE. Not to say that all those service are not important to me in a session, I need more. Being a bit more mature and experienced, Tasha gave me one of the most sensual hours I have ever spent with an SP. Our hour together really did feel like I was spending it with my girlfriend." I could have written this and it would describe my experience very nicely.

The only downside was we seemed to hit it off too well quickly and talked too much (I'm mostly to blame) using up precious time. She use me a massage gal and knows the various places and has been around the Provider scene in Toronto for many years, although she is still relatively young but very mature and intelligent which I enjoy in a women. She plans to move to my neck of the woods soon, although not as a provider.

Ideal body type for me, nice breasts not too big not too small. Nicely intimate responsive, nice light kisses and turns into a real sexual tiger - almost more than Old Dave can handle! BTW, she is not the same Tasha I reviewed in 2004 from GOE.

A very nice although too short hour, not quite the intimacy I've enjoyed with some of the Eastern European women, but intelligent, friendly English speaking which I miss with the EE's.

carpe_deim replies on
I spend an hour and a half with Tasha last fall. I echo your review. I found that she is somewhat cautious at the beginning until she gets a feel for you. I appreciated this. Once we both relaxed the session flowed with sensiousness and passion. I was glad I had booked an hour and a half.

hknolph says:
Glad to hear that Tasha is still the sensuous and sincere young lady that I have spent several session with in Toronto.

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