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Sydney at Peek-a-boo

Sydney at Peek-a-boo
$220/hour to my hotel in Mississauga near airport.

Very friendly helpful phone guy. I didn't realize she doesn't start working till 1am, so set up appointment and went to Cannonball for a few hours to "warm up".

Sydney arrive right on time at 1:20 am. Goes to school at night and didn't get home till 11pm. She is studying holistic health, massage, Rikki, anatomy etc. She probably has a bit of a head start of male anatomy.

As folks know that follow my reviews, I'm not interested in high mileage, wild or big breasts. And I'm one of the few men on planet earth that doesn't care that much for oral. My interest is sensual, lots of body contact, caressing, massaging her, full body insertion positions, as well as a warm friendly personality and everything of course safe.

Sydney is even slimmer than she appears on website. I think slim is sexy although don't like bony feeling of very thin. Sydney was fine and not as fragile as her sliminess indicates although can't have heavy man like me on top for long time. But I mostly prefer women on top, in fact laying on top so I can caress her back etc. This was wonderful with Sydney and very nice spoon position.

I like the short blonde hair, nice and tall 5-8, tiny breasts (perhaps more an A). I prefer smaller vs D's, but C is probably my ideal. Sydney is a very nice package. Bubbly friendly wide awake, very warm and personable. She hangs out at times at nude places with her "hairy" hippie girl friends up North some place. Has a very small tattoos and a piercing but I don't mind. She isn't hairy I prefer smooth like she was.

Very responsive sexually, enjoys body contact and touch, including breasts caressed as I do.

A very enjoyable hour with Sydney.

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