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Parker @ Cupids



Parker Looks even better in person, I like tall (she is 5-8) slender women and not shown is her very friendly nice face. I enjoy caressing friendly looking faces but always ask first but she very much enjoys.

My pre-trip research and my spreadsheet from other reviews says it just like my experience:
"Tall brunette with beautiful hair, smile and lips thin natural frame. Her breasts are small and perky and very responsive. really likes sex as she was writing all over. Very fun to talk to. A great companion. very good kisser"

I can only add, we seemed to click and as always I set the stage by giving her massage and soon she asks if I do massage for a living. Is a great way to get comfortable nude and intimate. Really great among the best in my type of intimacy both sensual and what I call intimate sexuality. I have a position that many have not experienced much but most very much like as she seemed to. Not much talk during sex but very friendly beginning and end and wanted to be sure all was OK with her in various positions etc.

She is the kind of gal I'd like to get into her head and know what she is really thinking. Seemed to very much enjoy rather than being a good actor.

Don't ask about the abbreviations since other than nice light kissing I am not into what most are, more quality touch caressing intimacy and more intimate sexuality easier to do than explain but not the typical wild most enjoy. But from other reviews she can be wild and do all the abbreviations also, just not my interest.

One of better escort experiences for body, friendly attitude and response to my kind of intimacy both sensual and sexual.

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