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New to Cupids and only worked with an obscure, not on the Internet, Russian agency before. No pictures yet on website.

I had on my to see list Pace, but when I called Cupids found out she hadn't returned from the East Coast yet. Very friendly Jillian (owner) lured me to tell her what type of gal I was looking for and mentioned my interest more on the intimacy side than wild and often I liked the Russian/EE's for that but preferred someone who spoke good English. Enjoyed long discussion with very pleasant Jillian.

Jillian said she had just the gal for me... Natasha. Supposedly has never been reviewed (I did search and couldn't find this Natasha). Jillian said she felt good about her and had some good phone follow up reports since she started working for them in the last week, as I recall. So I made appointment and Natasha arrived about an hour later.

Natasha is age 22, 5'8, 36C, Blonde Hair, Blue eyes and has lived in Canada for 16 years so has very good English.

Despite her age Natasha is more womanly than a kid like some EE's. Attractive and was very GFE on the intimacy side that I especially enjoy. Not quite as petite as some of the EE's but certainly not too large. Very nice blonde hair which she joked she can warp around her face as a scarf it its cold out. Overall nice tanned body and personality.

My usual giving her massage wonderfully set the stage for more intimacy. Good CBJ, responsive and versatile with the different positions I enjoy. Has Russian accent (from Moscow) but very easy to understand. An interesting new option at Cupids.

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