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Maya @ Enchanted

As others have reported, Maya is a petite Chinese although born and lives in Vancouver. Is going to University in Toronto in chemical engineering!

Met at door exactly on time with very friendly gal and nice kiss. My type of slim body and smaller breasts and very much a sweetie. A pretty face but unlike most gals doesn't like it touched... other than via a zillion nice kisses during our session (I like to caress nice faces but always ask first because a small percentage like Maya don't like it).

Raised in Canada, no accent which someone asked about, perfect English and very sharp. Talked about Asian culture, education (as with many Asian parents, insist she study hard and be in at least the top 25% of the class). Wanted an education in something practical - thus chemical engineering. We even talked briefly about calculus - I shared how I started out in Engineering was in accelerated math in High School but hit a brick wall with Engineering calculus and physics - just too conceptual which my brain didn't work well with. I switched to an accounting degree.

She even knows a lot about U.S. politics.

Pardon the digression back to great intimacy. But nice to have someone very sharp and easy to talk with along with a great body and intimacy skills.

I did not pick up on shyness as others have reported when she was new to the business. When I did my usual intro massage on her, unlike most who relax (and often purr or indicate they like) she was quite chatty which may have been related to initial nervousness with a new big person... But when we got down to interactive part she was very sensual and intimate the way I enjoy it. And taking some breaks in arms would have some good brief conversation.

Someone warned me how tiny she is and since I'm big, not to crush her. But that was not any problem even in my favorite sex position where a lot of my body weight is on her.

Others have reported that all the abbreviations are available but those aren't my interest.

Wonderful session with the kind of intimate sensuality and sexuality I enjoy.

Emily of Enchanted, as many others have mentioned is great to work with and a very nice lady.

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