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Leanne in Mississauga

Leanne in Mississauga

BTW, does the sun every shine in Toronto? Or maybe I missed it..been here 4 days and have not seen the sun, just rain and drizzle :) But the wonderful women keep me sunny and warm.

My hotel being relatively close (at least both in Mississauga), I met with Leanne at her nice "office". Had to go the back way since main road in front of her place is closed. Got good directions from her, traced a map using mapping software (too bad don't have a printer here), and despite the fact two of the streets had different names on the map vs names on street signs i.e. Kennedy doesn't turn into Center Pkwy till So of Eglinton, vs my mapping program showing it as Center Pkwy from So of the 401! If map makers ever actually traveled the roads it would be helpful!

But I did get there right on time. Also wanted to "cash up" at my usual ATM machine. Sign says open 24 hours but the door was locked. Found another bank and same situation. But caught another person coming out and asked "How did you get door open?". New since my last visit you have to use your credit card in a slot to unlock the door. I had no clue about this till I caught someone. Have never seen that used before in Canada or the U.S.

Back to Leanne. I agree with the many reviews that say how sweet she is. Soft and intimate is a good description, nice kissing. Enjoyed nice cuddling (one of my favorite sports). Good cuddle conversation, Leanne has great humor and very sharp. She has great small petite body but nice C breasts that enjoy attention. Older but wiser and in very good shape. Has been a dancer (Cannonball and Babes in Welland, discussing my Niagara Falls club interests). Also she worked in Vancouver/Victoria, where she may return in a few years not too far from when I did my Victoria trips. Updated her on the nice police man warning the Sanich incalls to shutdown since they were going to enforce bawdy so most moved to Victoria itself where licensees were far more expensive. And good old Number 5 Orange and ..that other strip club, Marble Arch, where you went through a door and up the stairs to a hotel room for private dances in Vancouver.

I don't go into details on rest of session, although I am not into anything very unusual, just normal sensual positions. She aims to please, is very mature in her personality and knowledge, lots of fun and very much enjoyed the session.

Afterwards I decided to check out two massage parlors not that far away with some dinner between them. I take a risk going in cold without setting up appointment with a favorable reviewed gal and place, but have enjoyed finding some new good experiences in the past. And it worked out with two enjoyable sessions at Massage Center and Silhouette Spa

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