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Eva @ Diva-Escorts
$230/hr (about $US200)

Longing for some EE type intimacy I search the reviews.

These words attract my interest: From xornet8 "big smile and kiss greeting. Poor English if didn't understand answered with a kiss., petite, gold standard EE Fare great mood, playful." From einer: "I found Eva tender and pleasant, but also not very sexy". And from David_peza "she's very gentle and easy going". Since Old Dave enjoys tender, gentle, easy going more than hot sex I was convinced.

She was right on time, actually a couple minutes early as I was on the phone with an escort friend planning to visit Phoenix. Eva as others report is a sharp dresser. She immediately apologized that she had smoked just before and was her kiss OK. Yes, wonderful. Throughout the hour a great kisser and constant eye contact, really with you in the moment.

She was a bit smaller than I had envisioned from her photographs, but it became clear that great things come in small packages.

While I'm not much of an oral fan either way, her famous incredible, erotic "tongue bath" was enjoyable. There was no "tissue issue" as some have reported and she did ask not to cim (which I never can anyway from oral). And soon her famous "want to fuck?".

Other than the language barrier she was my ideal. She seemed to enjoy the slow, sensual sex I enjoy in various positions, but she also is reported to be fast and furious for those that like it more aggressive.

Her great intimacy response, playfulness and constant eye contact and of course great body made it an ideal hour for me. I liked it at the end she kept saying has to wash up 4 times but kept laying on top of me connected enjoying my caress. Goodbye kisses and very sincere hope to see you again, topped off very GFE hour in the way I define GFE, only again lacking in English communications of more than very simple words. Amazingly she asked me earlier, "you speak Russian?".. ah.. no..... seems odd unless lots of Russian men are clients. She did get I am from Phoenix in the US, which she has never been to.

She is genuinely sweet and very much wants to please. I can see why she is the favorite EE gal of some reviewers

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Great review
A very tasteful and intimate review. Nice work
Very nicey worded review. Glad you enjoyed your time with this 'gem.'

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