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 May 2008



In my pre trip spreadsheet I had the most notes of anyone for 1st choice of all my A list potential gals was Rachel. I even e-mailed Pete (owner as I recall) while still in Phoenix about setting up an appointment but told me she was no longer there..cry...cry.... He asked what I am interested in and he was very honest saying probably didn't have anyone for my somewhat odd interests (my words not his - my intimacy interest not just sex). Two of my "private friends" have told me Pete is great to work with and I appreciated his honestly.

But while in Toronto I get a note from Pete suggesting Demi may be a pleasing choice. He describes her as"Japanese/Portuguese mix, very sensual, intelligent and just a nice person." I check out her pictures on dream-makers which look really nice, so nice and slender. I found her somewhat hard to get guidiance on her intimacy respons factor from reviews but nothing really negative. So appointment made.

Right on time the light tap on door. One of the more vivacious greetings with nice hug and kiss that I have had. Very friendly, immediately good touch contact even when just sitting together briefly while she calls driver that I seem OK not too much a weirdo. Very open and down to earth "real person" type interaction I enjoy.

Now naked in bed very responsive in sincere way to my opening round which is skipping the usual oral part, since not really my thing, and prefer to just lie nude and give her massage. She really seems and says its appreciated. That sets the stage for very intimate warm sensual/sexual interaction. Another escort that has never experienced my favorite position but enjoys and agrees very stimulating with both g-area and clitoraly. Obvious mutual pleasure.

Very nice warm naked cuddling while inserted discussion on many topics of mutual interest from ideas to sexwork.

Has another career situation so may not be available at least as much after the Summer but with the typical nice guy she meets she enjoys the human interaction side just like I do for the moment with wonderful guys (me gals).

Thanks Pete - it was a wonderful recommendation.

Board comments:
Thanks Dave for the review. A big thumbs up to Pete for another up-a-notch!

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