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Cindy of Sweetbaby

I always have the issue that often the EE gals are the wonderfully sensual like I enjoy but miss easier communications with someone who speaks better English. But Cindy has had some great reviews.

Easily set up an appointment early Friday night for about an hour after I called. Cindy was prompt and friendly.

My ideal body, slender, pretty face, and soft not too big not too small natural breasts I enjoy caressing.

Some initial chatting and she has better English than many of the EE's. I had a nice long dinner with a terbite friend/customer of hers last night who she mentioned had called her and warned her I might be calling! Not sure if this made her more nervous or relaxed!

She started out giving me quite a nice massage and I was anxious to massage her, which is how I usually start a session. Once I got my hands on her... she quickly seemed to relax. I liked the nice smile on her face and said "nice" in good English. When I asked her if she would flip from me doing her back to switch to her front she did a 360 degree flip since she wanted me to do more on her back! But eventually got her on her back to caress her nice soft breasts and some of my favorite Esalen strokes (hard to do on a bed but I manage) which by her smile seemed to be enjoying. Lots of eye contact which was interesting.

We seemed wonderfully in tune with each other as sort of like music.... went from one position into snuggling, cuddling what she was wonderfully responsive to and then worked her way down.. I'm not that much of a bj fan, but she is very good.

One of my minor frustrations which other escorts have done, is keeping their panties on till ready for intercourse. I'm not going to attack them "down there" but just prefer the natural fully naked body like I am. But this was minor. Enjoying cuddling, caressing a long time and I suggested a condom. She readily took care of things and had a long session with me in my favorite position, which is a variation of man on top that most women also enjoy, although I'm always concerned about being to heavy with me on top. But when I asked she said she was fine and she seemed to also enjoy.

With somewhat of a language barrier (but better than most EE's), harder to communicate as I want to do what the women enjoys also and sometimes with discussion have a deeper "for the moment" connection with a person other than just sexual/intimate. This is easier of course with repeat visits but sometimes I have that connection with a provider the first meeting. I know I analyze too much, and I really did enjoy Cindy.

There had been a review mentioning a lot of fiddling with a radio or TV to get right music but this was not my experience. Was totally quiet, just the sounds of wonderful moans and ourselves (nothing wrong with the right soft background music if available).

The hour was slightly short had to get cleaned up about 47 minutes into the session (gee I'm a clock watcher must be my CPA background), but her time in the shower before and after was very short.

The EE's agencies are nice in that they are a bit less expensive going to Missussauga since I avoid the downtown area and many agencies charge a premium to come out here. Cost was $CDN 220 to Mississauga ($US178 at current exchange rate - use to be about $US135 before the fall of the $US vs $CDN.

In summary a very nice young lady and an enjoyable session.

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