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Chloe @ Cupids

An experienced professional, articulate, mature and seeks to please. She doesn't think classy is appropriate but I agree with that term. Friendly face with good eye contact, nice smile. Talkative in a good way.

Enjoyed a nice variety of positions although with my being big, breathing was a problem in some positions. Ironically was not a problem with the tiny gals like Maya who someone warned me not to "crush." But they didn't have any problem with my weight in an even more "crushing" positions I didn't try with Chloe.

A very active nice kisser, and as others report very good with the usual abbreviations that I'm not into. I am up front about my non oral interests (except kissing) so no problem. She aims to please based on your interests. Very nice smaller breasts that I enjoyed caressing.

She very much welcomed my opening massage of her and especially liked her butt massaged (as many do).She did nice deeper massage on me. Very sexually skilled , her favorite position with legs over her head but don't lean in too far so she can still breath :)

While this is very subjective and is more of a emotional chemistry thing that is hard to define, I didn't find her nearly as "intimate" as say Parker or Maya. More a great professional sexworker, attractive, sexually skilled and good discussion on various topics.


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