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Bianca at Cupids

Bianca at Cupids
Picture at  (But as of 3/2009 seems to have left)

Gee, there are six gals from Cupids on my A list from my escort spreadsheet (have a separate one for massage) and 3 were on the schedule although Cupids is just a bit higher in price than I like but... took the plunge.

Since I like Tall and Slim, liked her pictures and has had some good reviews, set up appointment with Bianca at 10:30pm.

Notes from my spread sheet of parts of reviews, that I agree with:
"is a very tall, thin, pure GFE. Nice warm, friendly girl, slight sexy (Polish) accent. Sort of a classy, understated elegance - style-wise too...Seen Bianca on 3 different occasions. Nothing but good things to report. Friendly, fun, gfe/pse, not a clock watcher, x-cellent hygiene etc. Highly recommend."

A friend of mine said "I've seen Bianca twice, and I'd agree she's a maybe. A bit melancholy, but mature and lovely and sensuous. She would certainly appreciate you."

She arrived exactly on time and was attractively slender as her pictures show. Likes to have music playing to help her relax when meets new person.

Seemed to enjoy my opening massage and nicely responsive cuddling. Nice sex in various positions with good interaction.

After 45 minutes the call came and said 5 minutes left. Cuddled for 5 and she took a shower.

Was enjoyable but not the "connection" on the intimacy side I've had with some such as last night with Angelique. Little conversation but sex was good just not the stand out personal connection I have had with some escorts.

Felt that I wanted a chance at a little more connection so decided to book Tara at SRM who was available at 1:15am. Decided to make a fast trip to CB but be sure to leave by 1am which gave me a bit less than an hour. CB is last of the "quartet" that I hadn't visited at night, knew it would be packed and because of its reputation for extras the club I have the least interest in. But lets just stop by briefly. That report to follow.

Responses to my review:
I would not call Bianca overrated, but she'd be a more interesting person to get to know over a couple of hours than her typical sixty minute encounters, which can feel perfunctory. Sensual, but perfunctory. I think she could be a fascinating courtesan if she wanted to be. Doesn't seem to be her thing, though.
I did see Bianca once while at Hollywood. Although was full gfe, compared to EE standards and here legend status there then was the same conclusion, not much chemistry. But she was full gfe., so far havent repeated.

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