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Ashley Honey at The Honey Hive

Ashley Honey at The Honey Hive
647-989-4483 to the Hive
As of March 2009 website is done so the hive may have fallen and broke.

"The new buzz of Toronto" - cute motto

This was an off terb private referral who knew my interests and thought we would "connect" We did both on the sexual level and my type of sensual intimacy.

Queen Bee, Bobbi answers the phone and books appointments for this new agency with good potential. Bobbi is very nice.

I was Ashley's 4th customer but you wouldn't know it - not shy and very comfortable with sexuality with guys - all have been nice so far!

She is very much my type of body, soft smaller (B) natural breasts and of course nice 5'-7"body. Very responsive sexually in many positions (her favorite is rear entry although I have problem staying in) My favorite position like with many gals I meet, she had never experienced before, but she said she very much liked. It has lots of both Gspot and clit stimulation.

Black gal from Jamaica but lived in Canada most of her life. Ashley is a sensuous sweetheart. Quiet, well-spoken, and appreciates sexuality. She is very sharp, going to school in the sciences. Sort of boring she says now, but it has a lot of good career potential. Will probably work escorting till goes back to school in the fall.

Rate was $200+$20 for driver since not downtown

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