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Angelique at Garden of Eden

Angelique at Garden of Eden
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As of March 2009 No Longer Listed :(

My pre-trip spreadsheet had her on my A list to try and see so I set up an appointment for midnight (and dashed off to MI first to get horny! See other report.

Arrived back at about 11:20 and no phone call from GOE that there was any problem. Midnight came and went. Just as I was about to call GOE to be sure no problem, at 12:20 there is a faint tap on my hotel room door. Hopefully she is looking for Dave, yep.

She mentions how nervous she is meeting strange guys (yes Old Dave is strange) which I was somewhat surprised at since I think she has been doing this awhile. But she was a good conversationalist and very open about her feelings etc which developed shortly. She has some cute facial expressions and a lot of wit. She asked if I have a drink to relax her - well all I have is water and coffee!

She does a very fast shower and peeks cutely around the corner half dressed.

Actually, I think she thinks she is more shy than she is, at least she doesn't come across that way. She is very articulate great English (is French Canadian) has lets see schooling (or degrees I forget) in communications, philosophy and started in nursing. Now works at a very lets say normal office job which is slightly similar to the field I am in and was very concerned I would know anyone from her work.

However things got very nice as I opened up with my usual massaging her instead of the usual oral routine, for which reviews say she is very good at.

Since I was extremely shy in my youth (which she couldn't believe) I related and talked about being scared of women or not knowing how to approach, never dated till I was a Junior in college but now I am cured and rather outspoken.

Besides that we really connected on a number of other personal issues. She was very open with me and we cuddled naked and discussed lots of things - she was very engaged.

Some of the notes I had made on my spreadsheet from others reviews were very much right on so being lazy and uncreative let me quote some that were very true:

(formerly Toronto Passions) - Quiet, understated French-Canadian. Attractive, girl-next-door face. Nice body with good curves. A bit reserved, but very passionate once the action starts. She is the quintessential GFE - aims to please. likes to caress, Somewhat passive, but willing in CG, doggy and mish.

From GOE, She enjoys connecting on an intimate level and takes a lot of pride in what she does. a very shy and timid personality, and is very eager to please.

More reviews: I found her to be very gentle and almost submissive: the focus throughout the session was on what I wanted, and she seemed happy to oblige. .What stood out was her amazing bj skills (felt so good), her gentle demeanour, wanting to please, and her unrushed service. a cutie. Service wise, would describe her as being more on the sensual side, as opposed to a full-on, sweat inducing romp. would recommend for those seeking softness and intimacy in a sp. From a friend on Terb that I meet each trip and know me well: "I think you would find Angelique lovely."

All of that was spot in. And of course the intimacy/sensual side vs wild romp is what most attracted me to her.

She also says she loves to dance and has been at various clubs both in Toronto and Niagara. She doesn't like extras or VIP's that have dirty condoms on the floor and walked out after less than a day at Seductions (I avoid because not interested in the hassle and pressure for high priced extras)

Sexual time was really great - the kind of intimate sex enjoy.

Especially likes man on top including my what can I say stretched out position with legs together that many women have not experienced but most really enjoy since it provides a lot of G-spot stimulation.

A couple cute traits - in the heat of passion she often says "we we" which I think is French for yes, yes! Also in the heat of passion she apologized for calling me "God, God" That is OK, I've been called worse :( Needless to say she is very responsive and combines great sexuality once she gets comfortable with you and the intimacy sensual side which I enjoy as well as wit and intelligence.

I was a bit concerned about time since I took the time to get her comfortable with me instead of just jumping in. But she wasn't shy about getting naked which was nice. In the heat of passion with me going hard on top of her of course the phone rings, I reach over answering it still on top and of course its Nicole softly mentioning time was up.

Towards the end however we were really connecting in discussion of varies topics cuddled naked together. She joked that she wanted to take me home with her and keep for herself. I was thinking her driver must be getting anxious for her to come down but we kept getting into more good conversation, while I was worrying about not getting her in trouble with Nicole! Nicole's 2nd phone call...yes she is cumming.. I mean coming.

Great session really nice long goodbye hug and kiss. Left about 1:45 a bit over time...sorry Nicole.

Believe it or not, Old Dave isn't done. Made an appointment with Paris at SRM for 3am. Wow. Next report.

Comments after posting above:
Great report! Thanks!
Hahaha! Yes, "we, we" is actually "oui, oui" and it does mean "yes".
Good review, thanks!
Nice review, she is really underrated, IMO.
Agree-nice review. Also agree that she seems to be underrated. Seems to fly under the radar, likely because she is not high volume. Everone who I have exchanged pms with about her, likes her a great deal.
Hidden gem !
But with all this publicity... she will be harder to see. That's the beauty of this board, sharing the bad experiences but most importantly the good ones with the risk of seeing the demand increase for a lady making her difficult to see... but it makes you look harder, for the next best kept secret.
" Also in the heat of passion she apologized for calling me "God, God""
It's better than "Your Worship." But we all bow before Dave in Phoenix, with his spreadsheets!
Excellent review Dave.

I had the pleasure of seeing Angelique a few days ago and my experience was very similar in nature.

My experience with her was VERY unique in regards to her 'girl friend experience.' It's hard to describe...the experience seemed so authentic that I have to believe that she's either really into what she does or she's the ultimate service provider that I've ever had visit me.

Definitely a hidden gem!

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