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Moulin Rouge

83 Kennedy Road South, Suite #23.

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JULY 2002 Report

Liz @Moulin Rouge
After not being able to set up appointment with Liz for a few days, I lucked out on Tuesday afternoon.

As other reviews have noted, it s a bit hard to find since the address 83 Kennedy Road isn't on the sign for the shopping center it is in, and the McDonalds they mention on website it is West of is on the East side of Kennedy so I never saw it since I was looking only on the West side for either McDonalds or Tim Horton's and didn't see either, nor and address of 83 Kennedy Road. Since website directions say West side of Kennedy that was the only side I was searching for landmarks on. Afterwards I did see the Tim Horton's but somehow never say it when I was looking so hard for it. There is a building to the South with a big 85. My mapping software had it at about Clarence St a few blocks N of Glidden. I believe it is just So of Clarence. But I went N as far as Queens not seeing any landmarks before turning around. The shopping center is two stories with Moulin on the lower (a bit sunken as I recall) level. On one of the sign boards for plaza, I think there was something saying "exotic massage" or something but had to find #23 and then it was obvious it was Moulin Rouge once found it among the mass of other stores in the center on two floors.

As a review said, front end is a bit dark and seedy looking, but once you get to the rooms they are neat and clean, although tables are against one wall so can't massage from both sides (I like walk around tables for my doing reverse). As most reviews point out the rooms have a large Jacuzzis tub with shower head above other than the usual shower stall, but was clean and practical.

But the best part was yet to come - Liz

Did my usual 45 min NR which was $90, a bit less expensive than some places like Allure which I believe is $120 for 40 minutes. wonderful, genuinely warm, friendly, cute face, girl next door type. I think she is more comfortable nude than with clothes on- which is fine with me, I enjoy people comfortable in their skin. Liz is short, but very nicely built, slender body which I like. Sometimes the nicest squeezes come from smaller packages. Smaller breasts but that is fine with me. Her massage was quite good but as I started the reverse phase, it was clear she was another high touch enjoying "touch angel" both giving and receiving. Very responsive to the type of reverse I enjoy giving. Very good conservationist.

For final phase she actively participates very nicely intimately with you in the experience not just standing .. down there... shaking the ketchup bottle technique of some gals. She is totally engaged with you like a real caring girl friend - which is a lot different than the average massage gal.

One review said, "from the beginning, I felt we clicked" and I felt the same way. She obviously sincerely enjoys men even after doing it 4 years and her great "click with you" attitude shows. A review said she had "incredible personality" and described how she stares into your eyes with the most beautiful, captivating eyes. Since I also enjoy good eye contact I very much noted this also.

I hope to visit Liz again on future Toronto trips, if you guys don't keep this winner too busy for Old Dave to slip in an appointment. My best to Liz in good touch, happiness and life. Liz gets my rare highest ranking on my intimacy scale.

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