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Kelly at Club Two Mountains

Kelly at Club Two Mountains

After a great time at Cannonball decided to enjoy next level of sexuality at the body rubs I enjoy. I had to reset my GPS unit from last trip here in June/July and only had C2M in its address book for it to take me there. But since I hadn't evaluated my pre-trip research spreadsheet and look at schedules C2M was a logical first choice. Unlike most massage/body rubs that have pictures of gals and their schedule, at C2M it is the luck of the draw as the next gal up greets you at the door and she is your attendant. You might be able to ask if others are available but I always take what I get and have never been disappointed. Most are Russian which I usually have great intimacy interaction with as I enjoy more than just sex.

Kelly immediately greets me at the door and directs me to massage room. I elect my usual nude-reverse for $100. Another difference at C2M is the sessions are only 30 minutes (or ok to go 40 but have to pay double price if goes for 45 minutes and quite strict with this) vs most other where pay a bit more for 40-45 minutes and time is not closely monitored. Kelly is attractive to me, moderately slim, not huge manmade breasts but nice smaller natural which I prefer, sort of blonde hair as I recall.

After usual shower (in the room) Kelly greets me. Quickly gets nude and starts nice massage. Is nicely talkative. She's lived in Canada about 10 years. Her English is quite good with just a bit of Russian accent. Nice touch and a bit sensual on back.

My turn to massage her and she immediately relaxes and comments how nice my touch is. I do my usual Esalen routines which she frequently moans "awesome" so I guess I haven't lost my touch not having my hands on a body since my Victoria trip in Aug/Sept! I very much enjoy doing massage and such a nice body with a appreciative attitude. She wanted me to keep doing more but had to leave time for my finish stage.

On the finish, Kelly nicely slow sensual - good technique, and I'd rate about a 4 on my 0-5 intimacy scale. Not quite like some of the best at Allure, SRM or other popular places but very enjoyable although we were a bit pressed for time.

Another very enjoyable experience taking a chance on who you get at C2M.

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