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July 2002 Nude Reverse Massage Reports

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Alex @ Utopia
Been having tough time catching many on my prime list of Massage gals. Allure closed today, Liz at Moulin Rouge was totally booked by early afternoon. Looking for Jeannie or Page from Silhouette but not working and some others. But did luck out at Utopia.

Alex at Utopia was very much my type, both body and outgoing friendly personality. Quite good regular massage. Was very responsive to my reverse (within a few seconds saying "you have done this before!) and then than the usual she should pay me for massage. As many, said how rare it is to find someone that knows good massage. I mention this not to brag but to encourage guys to learn some good massage skills which so many dancers and massage gals respond so well to. And it sets the stage for an even nicer sensual session.

Alex very good on the sensual side... medium on Dave's intimacy scale (only a few ever rank my highest). Very nice session, attractive women, comfortable with her body and guys. She very much enjoys work which is putting her through college (in Journalism). Alex is good conversationalist and intelligent which I also enjoy sharing with.

It was a very nice experience.

Amanda @ Allure
After non intimate experience with Danielle earlier I decided for my last stop this trip to see Amanda who I had enjoyed on last trip.

I like the large rooms at Allure, the full mirrored walls, the massage table where you have room to go on both sides with the tables on a raised area in most rooms (although some of the boards under creak - thought it was Dave's body rust but no, the floor boards on the elevated platform.)

But best of all in this room under the sea was Amanda the beautiful mermaid of the deep :)

Even more than last trip Amanda was very quiet, hardly talked at all orally at least. But wow her hands said a lot. Very nice slow sensual massage from the beginning, that felt real and doing because enjoyed not just mechanical. Said virtually nothing during the reverse phase, but by her purrs and body response seemed very responsive, very relaxed and I felt like we were both communicating very well via good touch, not words.

Likewise release phase, very slow buildup, very sensual, very receptive to the physical interaction I was doing. She could have just been a great actress but I think I can tell by type of touch and interaction that she was my type of intimate touch angel vs the mechanical type Danielle earlier. A very nice way to end this trip to Toronto. Hopefully will return in September.

Brooke @ Allure
Decided to just she who might be available at Allure instead of setting up appointment, Stopped by late Sunday afternoon. Receptionist even recognized me as being from the states since I had been there a lot on prior trips. Amanda and Brooke were available. I had enjoyed Amanda last trip so decided to explore new territory with Brooke, although I had seen an OK review of her. Did my usual 45 min nude-reverse ($CDN120).

Brooke is kind of the girl next door type, tall (5-8) which I like, 24, from Northern Ontario, blonde, 130 pounds. nice body type, cute face.

She does a fairly good medium touch massage. Not as sensual as many at Allure, but nice. Spent a bit too much times on round 1 so the reverse and final was a bit rushed - at least for old Dave. On reverse asked the usual questions since I obviously knew what I was doing which surprised her. Was much more talkative than in a sort of innocent simplistic way. Gosh, she made comment you never can tell about guys at first, that I looked like a government employee. Probably my blue shirt. A massage gal in Phoenix said she thought I looked like a postal worker before she discovered some of my interests. I must have some sort of government look?

Her finish was average, not particularly intimate but ok. Overall an average experience, certainly not like some others at Allure and other MP from prior trips but not that bad either. Nice girl, has a positive attitude, but needs a bit more maturity to be a superstar.

Brittany @ Blue Lagoon
After visiting Cannonball and Million Dollar, now after 2am, went to Blue Lagoon. This is often a lower rated club but on past trips I sometimes have enjoyed it and I think its the only one in the area open to 4am. They still put their stickers on cars in the strip club parking lots with $10 discount. I note the very bad review /attitude of Stacey recently so I am grateful I lucked out much better with Brittany. Blue Lagoon does not have the consistent quality service and great attitude of Allure, but they were still open and I have lucked out on past trips.

After midnight they only do 30 min NR sessions ($80 or $70 with coupon stuck on window at SC) vs the 45 min-1 hr I prefer. I had the line up and the only one that looked attractive from the very brief glimpse as they so briefly introduce themselves was Brittany. I also noted lots of guys (boyfriends?) hanging out in the parking lot. Rooms are small but adequate. Mirrored walls but can't stand on mirror side of table since too narrow. Room and shower was clean.

Wow, once Brittany came in really nice slim gorgeous young body...ideal for Old Dave. No I wasn't just drunk from my two diet Pepsi's at the two strip clubs I had left! Also we had good conversation and the usual "gee you know what your doing" from the reverse I enjoy doing so much on a slim attractive women. Skills were average all over (she even apologized for not knowing massage as well as I do) but these gals aren't of course professionally trained.

A great time, very nice personality and perfect Dave type body.

Sonya @ Club 2 Mountains

After my escort not showing up for 10 PM date nor calling, I finally gave up at midnight and stopped in MDS and Cannon Ball and had my usual good interactions. Nothing outstanding but satisfying. Since tomorrow is my last day in Toronto wanted to enjoy some more female interaction that I seldom get to enjoy in Phoenix and was disappointed my outcall didn't show up.

After MDS closed I found my way to Club 2 Mountains - after briefly being lost in the dark!

Club is nicely laid out with own shower and toilet off your room. Finally a massage table you can stand on both sides of since I like to do certain Esalen strokes from both sides.

Sonya is from Poland has been at C2M about a year, very friendly and quite nice body with smaller breasts (fine with me). Massage was quite good and her sensuality was excellent. Knows how to get into certain back door places nicely.

Was very responsive to my reverse, with the usual great comments and wanted to go on all night. Phase 3 was very skilled - a strong moderate on my intimacy meter (defined differently by me than sexual skills). Don't think they have time pressure as at some places - Only has "about 30 min" NR for $100, but went way over as did Angela from prior visit. No rush finish even for very long lasting old Dave.

Liz @Moulin Rouge
After not being able to set up appointment with Liz for a few days, I lucked out on Tuesday afternoon.

As other reviews have noted, it s a bit hard to find since the address 83 Kennedy Road isn't on the sign for the shopping center it is in, and the McDonalds they mention on website it is West of is on the East side of Kennedy so I never saw it since I was looking only on the West side for either McDonalds or Tim Horton's and didn't see either, nor and address of 83 Kennedy Road. Since website directions say West side of Kennedy that was the only side I was searching for landmarks on. Afterwards I did see the Tim Horton's but somehow never say it when I was looking so hard for it. There is a building to the South with a big 85. My mapping software had it at about Clarence St a few blocks N of Glidden. I believe it is just So of Clarence. But I went N as far as Queens not seeing any landmarks before turning around. The shopping center is two stories with Moulin on the lower (a bit sunken as I recall) level. On one of the sign boards for plaza, I think there was something saying "exotic massage" or something but had to find #23 and then it was obvious it was Moulin Rouge once found it among the mass of other stores in the center on two floors.

As a review said, front end is a bit dark and seedy looking, but once you get to the rooms they are neat and clean, although tables are against one wall so can't massage from both sides (I like walk around tables for my doing reverse). As most reviews point out the rooms have a large Jacuzzis tub with shower head above other than the usual shower stall, but was clean and practical.

But the best part was yet to come - Liz

Did my usual 45 min NR which was $90, a bit less expensive than some places like Allure which I believe is $120 for 40 minutes. wonderful, genuinely warm, friendly, cute face, girl next door type. I think she is more comfortable nude than with clothes on- which is fine with me, I enjoy people comfortable in their skin. Liz is short, but very nicely built, slender body which I like. Sometimes the nicest squeezes come from smaller packages. Smaller breasts but that is fine with me. Her massage was quite good but as I started the reverse phase, it was clear she was another high touch enjoying "touch angel" both giving and receiving. Very responsive to the type of reverse I enjoy giving. Very good conservationist.

For final phase she actively participates very nicely intimately with you in the experience not just standing .. down there... shaking the ketchup bottle technique of some gals. She is totally engaged with you like a real caring girl friend - which is a lot different than the average massage gal.

One review said, "from the beginning, I felt we clicked" and I felt the same way. She obviously sincerely enjoys men even after doing it 4 years and her great "click with you" attitude shows. A review said she had "incredible personality" and described how she stares into your eyes with the most beautiful, captivating eyes. Since I also enjoy good eye contact I very much noted this also.

I hope to visit Liz again on future Toronto trips, if you guys don't keep this winner too busy for Old Dave to slip in an appointment. My best to Liz in good touch, happiness and life. Liz gets my rare highest ranking on my intimacy scale.

Danielle @ Allure
I had wanted to meet Danielle on prior trips but never connected. In July 2001 trip, I wound up with Mariah and folks were surprised at such a good review I had of Mariah, thinking I may have had her confused with Danielle, until others confirmed Mariah had become recently much more like the very nicely intimate person I described. There was also a review of Danielle being very cold and mechanical. But others say she is wonderfully intimate. So this time I decided to find out.

I guess the first thing she said to me when she entered the room was a clue. "Do you always select women you don't know for massage?". That took me a bit by surprise.

She has relatively good massage skills does the right moves to be sensual, with nice body. But, yes I got the feeling it was very mechanical and we just didn't click. Polite conversation but tense body and not the positive body response I usually get from reverse phase - although she did mention how soft my hands were. She kept looking at me with more a I don't trust you and lets get it over with look.

In the release phase was mechanically good but no connection like I usually experience. I went I took a long time she complained her hand was getting tired and still had other massages to do today.

So, Old Dave doesn't always bring out the best in people - a zero on my intimacy scale - but for those she clicks with from other reviews she seems to be many folks favorite.

When I posted this review on there was some interesting confirming response:

Airboss: I hear what you are saying Dave.
I have been seeing Danielle for a long time now, and I use to click with her. But as of late, I'd say the last few months, she has changed alot, well with me anyways. She use to be somewhat intimate, and going to go see her was a pleasure. Now she is cold. Really is a shame about it. She Is still a great girl, don't get me wrong, But i feel the massages have gotten to mechanical and predictable.

mreros:  I read Dave's review with interest (this time !!) as I was curious about how Danielle handled a request from an unknown. I saw her last fall and had the same reaction. I've gone to Allure many times and know the drill. I've had great sessions there with Ashley, Claudia, Tricia, Samantha, Krista, April and Victoria (to name a few!). Like some others I like to know who's working and then walk in to pick from a known line up. For some reason this time I called to see who was working and actually pre-booked Danielle. I got the same "do I know you, why me ?" kind of question and received the same reserved response. I'm wondering if she's been burnt by expectations in the past because of reviews, and prefers to make her own chemistry decisions as she goes along. Any positive recent experiences as a "walk in" ??

gottalikeit: Danielle was one of my first mpa experiences about a year and a half ago. Chose her based on recos on this board. Did not click at all, talk was too serious, just didn't work for me. Maybe all the great reviews set my expectations beyond what was reasonable. Didn't review for fear of being flamed. She was one of the allstars at the time.

Bone: Hmmmmm......well, I'm not sure why the "do you know me", line from Danielle. I got that too. why would that even matter?  Anyway, I have to say that the couple of times I have seen Danielle, they were hot sessions with amazing releases. I guess YMMV has never been more true.

Toad: I agree with Dave
I saw Danielle about three weeks ago. Same line when we were in the room. "Do I know You" Massage was very distant, no intmacy like some reviews claim. She is very good looking great breasts but I have had many session with other Allure girls (Tricia, April, Claudia, Julliet, Cindy...) that just blow Danielle away. I will not repeat.

Dave in Phoenix replies: Gee, I appreciate knowing it isn't just old Dave that didn't click with her. Thought I had lost my touch I realize I simply won't click with everyone. Like many I am sure, I was hesitant to make such a negative review wanting to be fair to Danielle, and thinking I could have just misinterpreted her non-verbal interactions. Not trying to sound like gods gift to women, but I know I usually click with 90%+ of massage gals, especially after doing my Esalen reverse technique which I encourage men to learn.

Sometimes non response to thing.. just means they don't physically respond but you don't know what is going on in their mind. I've had initially what seemed to be a very cold response but then have had the women crying in my arms because it was so emotionally as they have never experienced really good touch that I enjoy so much sharing, both giving and receiving. Many women are just naturally open and warm, but for others it isn't really them and they are more distant and "professionally detached from any human emotion like warmth with a client.

But many (most?) men are drawn to the warm intimate women, more than just a skilled release and a beautiful body. That is obvious from years of reading so many reviews. Sometime being brave enough to post negative reviews is just as important as great reviews, but many people hesitate, including myself, thinking it was something about them that was wrong. Especially when there are so many wonderfully positive reviews of Danielle we think it is just us.

So it is great for everyone who experience the "cold" side of Danielle to know it wasn't just them. It is especially hard since she isn't that unfriendly its just a very subtle attitude some of us seem to detect, along with some of her odd comments. More important is being concerned what is going on with Danielle going from one extreme of warmth to the other. Maybe she is just sick and tired of being so nice to new guys, or something else in her life has effected her. Probably she doesn't even realize how she comes across and perhaps thinks all men want is her beautiful body and mechanical sexual skills. But obviously many of are spoiled by the sincere warmth of many Toronto MP gals, which is especially true with many gals over the years at Allure.

Afterwards seeking more friendly intimacy spend a few hours at Cannon Ball doing laps with 9 gals. 7 of the 9 were very enjoyable. As in prior trips the Eastern Europeans get my award overall nationally as the most intimate good touch and responsive. Especially a gal from Hungary that had also seen me a prior evening and recognized me. Also a tall light skinned very attractive and responsive Polish gal. These were the two standouts - sorry I didn't remember names. Day shift was a bit more laid back with more old guys like me. Overall seemed to be more attractive, more slender girls. Was puzzled by some dancers who seem to approach every guy in the place except old Dave. But obviously many others did and I enjoyed my last afternoon in Toronto at CB.

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