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Taylor & Lisa @ Angel Touch Day Spa
7385 Torbram

Taylor @ Angel Touch Day Spa
7385 Torbram
After I posted my review of Lisa at Angel Touch mentioning I had noted the good reviews on Taylor...Taylor responded:

"Sorry I missed you Dave....would have enjoyed leaving a memorable mark on your trip to Toronto..Hopefully next time!!"

Also by Private Message after my great time with Danielle, "hugger" wrote that Taylor is his favorite MT, he was just there and Taylor would be working till 3am if I wanted to try catching her again.

I called and Taylor was very delightful on the phone, when set up appointment. When I came in all she knew is I was Dave...and asked if I could be "Dave from Phoenix" but I sort of ignored the question wanting not to be known at least at this stage till saw how we got along. Did NR for $CDN100 ($US72 for U.S. readers to remind them we still have a bargain with exchange rates - although last trip it was about $US67=$CDN100). didn't take long for us to get along! Nice tall, very slender body (but not fragile), good massage technique, nice friendly conversation. On reverse she indicated great enjoyment with great body response to my massage routine. Very nicely slow sensual talented with the release with good body contact (not just down there...yanking like some).

Discussed her future plans which are very interesting along the lines of my desire to teach more sexual openness especially to couples like I did in our Phoenix Couples Group of 350 for 3 years.

Taylor is as sharp and smart as she is sensual with a nice body. From Canada? Well, Nova Scotia (or was it Newfoundland..I forget).. both almost out of Canada for my personal poll about foreign women usually being so much more intimate physically than American and most native Canadians (except French Canadians).

Very glad I shared a nice experience with Taylor and hope to keep in touch E-mail about her plans in the future.

Lisa @ Angel Touch Day Spa

After great strip club experiences and excitement of a certain organ Old Dave seeks relief at MP's near by but has to go to three to find the relief needed!

First tried Angel Touch which is just North of MDS where I had enjoyed most of Wed evening. I have read some good reviews especially of Taylor but of course not likely would catch her as a walk-in.

It was about midnight and I didn't know what time these places closed. When I pulled up to Angel Touch they had a bright OPEN light in the window, but also the smaller sign saying "Sorry Closed". Since their name said "Day Spa" I wasn't sure they were also a late night SPA! But they were open.

I believe her name is Lisa was the only person available (only one other working and not Taylor). When she stumbled at bit about pricing she admitted it was her first day.... Have you ever massaged before? Yes in Toronto. Also she could only quote me the $50 standard fee. Other options could only be discussed once in the room. I didn't say but was thinking: What? This is Mississauga where their is no bylaw problem with nude etc and most other MP's post there options freely.

Was a bit undecided. Lisa was older, not really my body type (although very slim). I decided to take a chance, she was very open and friendly. In room they offered the usual pricing and options. Based on lack of body attraction chose simply topless for $20. Sometimes a bit older means better erotic skills so will take a chance.

Pleasant conversationalist - From Newfoundland, commented about my tight neck that she is use to working on them since her husband is a truck driver.

The massage was average but very non-sensual. On the flip she jumped in but without any erotic prelude I've been used to by some of the great MPs. I was having a hard time getting in position...finally did and enjoyed her try at a finish, but just wasn't doing it for me. She wasn't at all responsive to my touch and stood way too far down from me. I had been spoiled all night with so many beautiful sensual women at MDS, too bad they don't do massage or far better yet if they were available to FS escort.

As time was getting on she commented how strict they are about the time but her first client finished in just a few minutes. Basically just looked at her and had a finish... Certainly not my case, but I am very long lasting anyway.

On the way out say the other gal...fairly large black gal as I recall, who wouldn't have been my choice either.

Think I should only try them again if can get with Taylor who seems very nice, sharp (but very thin) based on various reviews.

Still searching for relief, I dig out my file with maps and decide to see if I can find Mystique or Julianna's Tokyo and if still open, since I've had some good experiences on past trips.

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