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Whispers Spa
30 Intermodal Unit 26

Whispers Spa - April 1,2004

Took a break from the strip clubs for a massage at Whispers. Had their $20 off coupon from the Internet so their nude-reverse was $80. Nice facilities. She even turned on the shower for me before the session which I thought was a nice touch. The problem is... its now 5am back at my hotel and for the life of me I am not remembering her name! I didn't write it down since I thought I would remember it. Looking on their schedule I don't recall any of the names. I think it was Angela from looking at the pictures, and name sounds familiar but she isn't on the schedule for tonight (or last night now). But the more I think about it the more I think that was her. Sorry.....

Quite good massage definitely more sensual than from prior night at Blue Lagoon. Nice body and relaxed nicely with reverse portion, although have to be careful she is very ticklish under her arms. (that is a clue if anyone knows who that was for sure). She used a bit more body contact during the massage, but nothing like the gals at Allure. The final was "standard" quite good but nothing spectacular. Medium intimacy factor. I did enjoy despite fact I can't be sure of her name or background. I think she said she usually worked days, so this was unusual for her to be working late night (that would also fit with being Angela).

Nice massage break, now on to Cannonball and then SRM.

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