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Well since now found SRM again, and they are open late and have such a nice schedule to know who is working thought I'd cap off the night with Tara.

I've always liked the name - earthly - and the name of my two deceased kids...well feline type...cats Tara and Tara 2 but that was many years ago.

Joy welcomed me again and back we go to the lodge room with fireplace and bear skins. I mentioned gee last night had nude statutes in the room. She offered to stand nude like a statue for me.....

After the shower - watch that first step - nice friendly greeting by Tara. Did my usual 40 minute nude-reverse.

She asked what kind of massage, so I mentioned I like deep on my neck and shoulders where I tend to carry the weight of the world and when I get tight may cause earthquakes.

Tara is really good with deep muscle - found my knots and did nice work on them and the rest of my back.

She asked what kind of reverse I wanted which I thought was odd since I didn't know there were different kinds. She said most guy just massage/grope (my words) her while they are on the table and she is next. But welcomed me actually massaging her which is all I've ever known it to me. Been working body after body all night and hadn't had anyone massage her yet so would enjoy.

Which she really did...the words awesome frequently were spoken as it was obvious I knew what I was doing! Nice body to massage and great response from her from what I do.

On the flip quite skilled sensually with the normal nice interaction.

Left happy with another good experience at SRM

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