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165 Dundas St W.

After more than a week of sensual sexuality in various forms, I wanted to explore just good regular massage. I was especially intrigued by their Watsu service on their website. I have met its creator Harold Dull, at Harbin (location of Stan Dale's "Love, Sex and Intimacy" workshops I enjoyed in the 80's at this clothing optional Hot Springs rustic place). I never got to experience Watsu but say it being done. But I wondered where TCM did it since it needs deeper pool to do it in.

I had decided just to have a regular 45 min Swedish massage today but ask about Watsu to consider later. When I asked they said they no longer offer Watsu since don't have a big enough pool! Gee, I guess they found out what I was thinking. So set up regular appointment.

When I arrived I knew I recognized the building it was in. I had enjoyed Sugar with great nude body slide, there when it was Palace Therapy Center or PT Massage in 2003. I had returned to find the place on another trip but it was vacant. Now its TCM Massage, very different than PT still large upscale but smaller rooms without the bars to do foot walking on back etc massage.

I knew it was totally non sensual massage. After filling out a medical form (they need a new printer or copier the form was so light was hard to read), am let into a locker room and shown if I wish the shower, steam room, whirlpool and rest room. All very nice, modern, clean.

The locker was not made for 6-2 Dave's, even my coat only half hanged with rest on floor. The sandals were comfortable and got in to the shorts (at least I'm not that wide, just tall). I then go into the "waiting" room which has the massage rooms off it - all very nice, new and clean. Another gal jokes with me didn't the whatever its called fit. I guess I was supposed to wear the bathrobe thingy but she joked I was probably too big for it. Shortly my massage gal lead me to the nice small room.

Massage was very good, I like hard and it was. Uses some sort of banana thingy filled with hot water which feels very nice on body. Oh yes those painful leg stretches when your not very flexible which are good for you but a bit painful - but not as bad as Thailand make you a pretzel massages. Actually it was very good especially on my tight back where I needed it most. There was no flip (I like having my neck worked on from when on front) but had me sit up at the end and did some neck work on me.

Overall a very good "real" massage experience. Gal was young, cute, didn't get name but everyone is dressed in white medical type uniforms.

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