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Sara @Studio 9 May 2008

Sara @Studio 9 May 2008
So many choices only a few days left this trip, who shall I pick from my A ranked on my spreadsheet.

Here are my spreadsheet notes from others reviews that resulted in my A "most want to see" ranking:
massage skills rival some of the best deep-tissue massages I've had. extremely sensual nice conversation during the massage and a nice big hug afterwards. 34D's damage: 160/45min BS… Fantastic personallity. Maybe the nicest masseuse I've come across so far. she offered a NR for 100 Actual massage was quite pleasant as Sarah made a concerted effort to provide one. After the flip she proceeded to provide the most sensual release I've ever experienced."

I agree with all the above except did NR for $80+$60 45 minutes door fee. Very nice chat, asked sharp questions even, very good deep muscle massage which I appreciate and of course nicely sensual. Starting on the reverse, we really connected in nice mutual touch not even when its not just sensual which seems natural for her. As above the flip phase very slow, sensual, mutual contact and we went over time almost 15 minutes enjoying the sensual so much but wasn't a problem.

Website says breasts are B but can tell in picture are larger. A review said a D. I'd vote C but what do I know. I am a B and C fan or small D as longs as soft and natural. Sara's were great.

Location easy to find well my GPS found it...not exactly discrete will all the colored lights but doesn't bother me. Nice rooms, shower in room, little window receptionist peaks out of and collects room fee, and a small waiting room.

Board comments:
Nice review Dave!
Sara is very good. I have seen her once for a 30 minutes session and it was not enough time. She is very sensual and provides a great oveall experience.
There's no doubt Sara's a super sweet girl and gives a fantastic massage. Sara would definitely appreciate your slow and sensual approach. One could definitely imagine cuddling up next to Sara on a cold winter's night...
She has an amazing body including the best ass I have ever seen on an MPA - I cant believe she doesn't work out. I have visited her twice and will definitely be back...hopefully soon.

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