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Steele's Royal Massage (SRM)
2565 Steeles E, Unit 39


Rebecca at SRM July 2009

Paris at SRM 5/22/08 or actually 3am 5/23/08

Tara@SRM May 2008

Meagan at Steeles Royal Massage  December 2005

Brooke @ Steele's Royal Massage (SRM) April 2004
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OK lets try this SRM (Steele's Royal Massage) everyone is talking about that somehow I've missed in all my prior trips even thought its so close to my favorite SC's and other massage places.

I am very organized. From their website the 10pm-4am shift has more gals that I am interested in both from reviews and by looks on their website. I am especially interested in Megan, Jade and maybe Nina. Well, as luck would have it....or bad luck none of those 3 are available. One didn't come in, the other is on her last appointment of the night (its about midnight and they schedule says the shift goes to 4am) and the other is in a session for the next hour. OK so lets see who IS available since none of my choices are. I also have a list with me with my notes for the day shift and Brooke is noted as "OK" picture wise but no reviews I have noticed. She is the only one I recognize for sure of 2 or 3 that were available (I for some reason wanted to "pass" on Valerie based on picture and no reviews noted who was also available) So I decided on Brooke.

But before that I realize why I had skipped SRM on prior trips. WOW, the prices are high. I didn't realize from the website you have to add the door fee to the other options. Most other places I'm use to just have a flat rate for everything. And to make it more complicated you can't just pay one fee but one goes to the guy for the house and the other to the girl in the room. Geese a 45 minute nude reverse is $150! Far more than I've ever paid (cheap Dave). If their is a choice I really need 45 minutes to do a reverse with my usual routine I enjoy and I want a lot of time for the finish that I enjoy :). I now realize some other places were only 30 min sessions or so, but if went over was not rushed with time pressure. But even just 30 min nude-reverse is $120. Although now looking at it and comparing to Allure often regarding as one of the best, SRM is only about $10-20 higher. I always just pay at desk full fee with credit card at Allure although their website says its paid separately like SRM. I have used Allure so much in prior trips thought I would try more other places this trip.

Anyway... being cheap and having not seen a review I remember for Brooke, I decided on just a nude, 30 minute session for $40 to house and $50 to Brooke.

Upon seeing Brooke, to me she looks better than in her "OK" pictures on web. She looks taller and slimmer in person which I like.

Brooke is very friendly and more talkative than from other 2 MPA's this trip. She only works 2 days a week and I is a native Canadian, from small town North of Toronto. Massage is quite nice, I note she uses a bit more body contact than others also..but still nothing close to some at Allure.

On the flip... oh oh.... she tells me unless you do nude-reverse no touching of her is allowed! I've never had that situation before. Since I love to caress and doubt I could ever get very ... without it, I am disappointed but will comply But then she tells me since its my first time here it is OK to touch her. But for the future have to remember the rule.

Brooke has very nice body but not much intimacy response...OK...nice.... finish attempt is quite mechanical but for some reason I don't work (after being so SC's thought I would be back for being stirred). But I've been with naked women in my arms and lap all night! But then she suggests she lay by me and lick my ears.... and the laying beside me with me cuddling her does more for me frankly than the licking but she is trying hard. Enjoy the position and I finally... work.....

My over analysis at times makes me comment her "intimacy" was more a detached professional type than what I experienced as more real with many of the dancers. But hey, she is from Canada, not Europe or South America where it seems genuine intimacy is much more natural.

Anyway I did very much enjoy Brooke, she is a good talker, intelligent, friendly with very nice body.

Not sure if I will try SRM again, would have to be with someone known really good since need to pay the high fees for at least nude reverse to have any mutual contact.
I just did a serach on Brooke and remember having read the thread about having attutude but now seems OK. Then I read she use to work at Allure.

Guess what.. I saw her on a previous trip in 2002 at Allure (45 min nude-reverse for $125) and did a review of her at

Interesting.. it is almost the same review from 2 yrs ago as I just wrote seeing her tonight. I didn't remember I had seen her at Allure since didn't realize she had worked there.

Wells its now 6:22am and I finished my reports.. have to go to bed!

Nina @ SRM April 2004
Picture shared with full credit and no commercial purpose under the fair use educational provisions of the Canadian Copyright Law and International treaties.
Now back in Mississauga and having been out of commission for 4 days with a root canal....I wanted to find one of SRMs better reviewed gals instead of just taking a chance like I did last week.

Based on their web schedule for Friday afternoon I wanted to see either Nina, Cyan or maybe Meagan in that order. Since it was after 4pm, I assumed I missed Sophie or Krystral who are also on my "to see" list. I first stopped in taking a chance and Nina and Cyan were busy but both would be free in about 30 minutes. So I booked an appt with Nina and returned.

I decided on the $150 45 minute NR, although I have never paid that much before (SRM somewhat higher costs than most others, even Allure). But Nina had such good reviews for what I like, I wanted to splurge a bit!

And it was a good decision. I had the Golf Room. I like the way the room is layed out with room on all sides of the table, mirror, and the handy ledge that goes all around where I can put my glasses to have them nearby.

Nina, from India was great. A good balance very nice body, great touch, intelligent conversation, joking, massage to please and good sensuality on both my sides.

Soon after the reverse phase started she says "fantastic" responding to my Esalen massage strokes and said she learned some new moves from me. She did a few on me. The flip was one of the better ones, with full body mutual contact/interaction. Breasts just perfect and squeezably soft as she even led my hands to squeeze them nicely hard.

Definitely best experience of this trip. But then it was equaled or topped at Robin at Allure.... but Nina was wonderful and I highly recommend for us guys that enjoy great intimate sensuality.

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