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Robin @ Allure
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NOTE TO U.S. READERS: Prices are in $CDN which gets discounted now about 25% for U.S. dollars. For example a 40 minute nude-reverse massage with release full cost of $120CDN which is about $US90. This includes everything!

After great time with Nina at SRM, and after dinner, I'm debating to do some more escort research from my long to see list vs who is available vs higher costs now that I'm out in Mississauga again, vs another NR massage.

Well...NR wins for now but still would be time if I wanted to try and find an escort later.

I've had some good luck on past trips at Club 2 Mountains (Ivy, Sonya and Angela) and no one was free when I was there last week late at night. Since C2M is not that far from my hotel, I stopped in again. But.. closed for Good Friday. :(

Another place I've had good drop in luck is Juliana Tokyo where in the past I've seen, Tina, Sara, Jordon, Erika and Ada. But I don't know the way for sure so decide to go back to hotel and also call to be sure they are open. They are.

But then I keep thinking about my many good experiences at Allure which is much closer and their relatively good rates (compared to SRM). So I go to Allure's website to see who is on the schedule vs who I've seen before. I've had some great sessions in the past with (looking at to recall) Cara, Brooke, Danielle, Amanda (two trips), Ashley, Cara, April, Mariah, Nikki and Joanna.

I kind of enjoy meeting new people, and while some of the sessions were great, I don't recall any so outstanding to become a regular vs enjoying meeting new gals. I also recall a comment from a reviewer that I agreed with that while Allure has some of the best knockout women body wise and usually great sensuality but sometimes its a bit "professionally distant" as the reviewer said.

But in my trip notes I had kept a review of Robin which the reviewer said was sort of love at first side, with her wonderful smile and friendly way. Very good GFE type review although she has no picture on the Allure site yet. The review attracted me and she is working tonight. Called..she's available..I'm about 10 minutes away and off I go to Allureland.

Choose 40 minute NR for $120 on VISA - So much easier to pay all at once, not separate fee to house and girl and not have to use cash! The difference between 30 min and 40 minute NR is only $10 in total! But for 60 minutes it jumps to $210 which makes no sense (the NR fee doubles at 60minutes but is the same for 30 or 40 minutes. I also realize neither Allure or SRM are strict on time, since I usually go a bit over but prefer to start out with 40 vs 30 minutes.

Along with SRM, Allure is one of the better facilities with large rooms, plenty of room on both sides or massage table ( like to massage from both sides, especially my "special Esalen stroke", mirrored wall, nice shower.

After shower happy friendly Robin comes in and its like an instant connection just as reviewer had experienced. There was a Maxim Magazine for some reason laying on the table so I commented something like, I note the magazine here has you on the cover! That really broke the ice (actually no ice just warmth) and got a nice hug.

From her first few seconds of her massaging my back I knew she was my type of quality caring touch person. Lots of body contact from the beginning, like how she sticks your hands between her legs as she does an arm stroke. Great conversation and more and more great kinds of touch using her own body so nicely as did Nina at SRM. She only works about 2 nights a week while going to school so she keeps fresh. She genuinely enjoys what she does which very much shows. From Vancouver (there blows my usual observation that its rare to find a U.S. or non French Canadian women that is as warmly naturally intimate as many foreign women - but I should have asked if any foreign heritage in her family background).

Doing reverse her response was wonderful, she badly needed some knots worked on and the enjoyment of my Esalen style was obvious, especially my hand massage and "special Esalen stroke."

The final phase was as sensual as it gets (other than maybe a few Asians that have done great prostate massage). But the part I enjoyed the most is she would periodically get on the table and enjoy just cuddling with me, stroking each other, squeezing, stroking... She is a cuddle bunny like I enjoy so much. She said how nice it would be to just go to sleep in each others arms. I enjoy cuddling so much more than a sexy body slide.

Very nice body, although not quite the big breasts of most of the Allure playboy model type gals. I prefer more normal, natural sized. She said in fact she felt sort of intimidated by the looks of the other Allure gals when she first started. But her being just her own natural warm sensual, enjoying what she does self is far more attractive to me. While not having D sized breasts (probably small C) a very nice body to go with her warmth and quality high touch enjoyment.

The session was almost an hour, by her obvious choice and no time pressure. It was a wonderful experience and she definitely is a repeat for me next trip if she is still massaging. Treat her nice she deserves it.

No longer have desire to see an escort tonight...just relax, catch up on zillions of E-mails and do these "research" reports to add to and share with you folks. And contemplate my plans for last day in Toronto this trip.

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