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Rebecca SRM

After nice dinner with friend wanted to get to SRM before too late. Didn't have time to call but was looking for Lynn or Tara (enjoyed before). Got there about 12:15 and guy in front of me had choice of Tara or Rebecca. He took Tara and I Rebecca looked very attractive and friendly so did my usual 40 min nude-reverse with her ($50+$80)

Quite good fast but nicely deep regular massage on my tight back and neck muscles (I carry the world on my shoulders). Very nice body!! Said she was a model and later how she is getting her gorgeous girlfriends to also work at least part time. Has only been at SRM about 3 months. Not particularly the most intimate vs some I have had before but nice. I felt she was slightly on the "ditzy" side but nice. Said how much enjoyed my reverse especially my working her butt (most gals like). Finish was standard with nice contact with did I mention nice body and soft natural (I think) breasts I enjoyed caressing and massaging.

I note a review from 6/09 which said, "on my neck was what looked like a 3 inch hicky (go try to explain that to the wife). Then I turned around and saw the same type of mark on my back only much bigger. The massage was so hard, that she must have burst some blood vessels. Then came the bruise on my neck where she worked really hard to get out a kink. I was terrified that my wife would see this."

I noticed the same I my neck. I am use to very deep massage work on my neck/back and have a regular in Phoenix who is outstanding (totally non sexual). But in the Phoenix LMT she is very slow and very deep while Rebecca was very fast and deep. I believe the "hicky" is caused by her finger nails being a bit long or hitting the skin. I especially noted the feeling of "nails" on my lower back at times. She is probably unaware of this and it wasn't bad enough at the time for me to mention it. But with this "hicky" review by another I suspect that was the cause.

There is also a review from 1/09 saying the 40 minute time clock starts when you hit the shower so shower quickly. I do not believe this is true. I waited about 20 minutes for Rebecca to come in, long after I was done showering. From the time she came in the 40 minutes took us a bit beyond the 1am closing time but that was not any problem.

In response to this review someone wisely replied: She does seem a little bit like Chrissy from 3's Company, but I enjoyed her energy/vibe. A very positive girl, with a sweet demeanor." Very good description!

BTW, now back in hot Phoenix supposed to get to about 114 F on Sunday, today a "cool" 107. The server at my hotel (Marriott Toronto Airport) went down between midnight and 5AM so couldn't post. Had to be up at 5 for the early only non stop US Air Toronto-Phx and would up just staying up all night. It is a nice 5-star Priceline hotel which I got a usually about $200/night room for $56. But they also charge $18/day parking and $15.95/day for fairly slow speed LAN Internet access. Although I didn't do any speed tests, my DU metter downloads were peaking at only about 350kpps vs about 7 megs down at home.

Usually I get a 4-star for about $35/night without all the extra fees and need to remember that on next trip.

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