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Pamela @ Club Two Mountains 3/30/06

After New Loco and Midway Invader I thought I'd try my favorite late night C2M which is open till 3am.

They seemed to have a few gals available - one jumps up and greets you who you get next in the rotation. Too bad they don't have schedules posted with pictures like many of the other quality clubs. But I've had relatively good lucky taking a chance her on prior trips, much better than Blue Lagoon open late will all their cards littering our windshields at strip club parking lots.

Pamela, part Brazilian and .. Spanish? was very nice, attractive slim body not larger than C breasts, all of which is my preferences. Friendly and I did the $100 30 min NR. 30 minutes is very short as I've mentioned in prior trip reports, but at $150 for 45 min which is same as body slide at Allure just didn't think worth it.

Not quite Allure, SRM, etc quality of intimacy, with not much sensuality or teasing but nice relatively good massage. But of course got better on the reverse phase and flip.

On the flip she immediately commented that I knew what I was doing. He neck was very tight and she appreciated my real massage. Also great response to my hand massage and my favorite secret Esalen stretching move - she really responded nicely to that!

On the flip nice contact medium sensual skills, works hard to please especially since we had time pressure and they seem far more strict with time than at some of the other massage places we all know and love. But was very enjoyable.

The_Ladies_Man on says:
Nice review, Dave.

I haven't been going to C2M as long as you have, but the few times I've been there, I didn't feel ripped-off and the experiences were satisfactory. I really don't like it when the first MPA jumps at you without giving a choice ... if I see a more attractive one sitting around, I will go with her. You're right about their website. It's useless unless looking for the contact # or directions on how to get there. But the times I have been there, the same group of girls usually work identical shifts week after week. Still, having some pictures would be nice.

I don't mind their 30 minute NR sessions since the price is so competitive. Have never been short-changed on time, and the MPA's there seem to have an uncanny ability to end the session just on time. I have been told the management is very strict on this. The 45 minute VIP package seems to be a new addition, and just like you, I'd rather go to Allure for this where the girls are much more intimate.

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