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Paige @ Massage Centre
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Paige @ Massage Centre
3035A Hurontario Near Dundas, Mississauga

Although I had been here once on a prior trip in 2000. I kept thinking this was Asian since its not that far from the old Center Health Care (that burned down) and the old PT (now TCM) where I had enjoyed some really nice Asians. But no Asian was seen at Massage Centre.

After the climb up the steps, two young guys were just ahead of me. Paige was telling them the fees and said, "gee you guys look nervous". They were talking with each other and she spotted me and invited me to come more in the reception area. I saw a couple other gals, but they were a bit to BBW for my taste but Paige was relatively slim and had outgoing personality so while the two young guys were debating I asked if she was available. She was and off we went for nude-reverse for $80 total. Don't know what happened to the 2 "nervous" guys.

NOW I remember this place from 2000 (hadn't looked at my website report before I left). Room a bit small with table against wall on two sides, but nice mirror on wall. No shower in room and asked if I needed one (I didn't).

Paige was very talkative, Polish background. Fairly good sensual probably best so far (but next would be even better). Said the usual "nice hands" comments when I did the reverse and seemed to enjoy relaxing a few minutes. Standard finish... nice...but certainly not special. Nice large carressable breasts, but not too large (I prefer nothing larger than C or small D), body had nice all over feel.

Having had my hands on so many bodies for decades in U.S., Canada and Asia, I enjoy the different types of textures of bodies. Some skin is very smooth, some has more of a I can describe a more full feel, but that isn't really a good description. I like the feel, I just can't describe it, but Paige had that nice feeling to her body.

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