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Nina @ Steele's Royal Massage (SRM)

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Now back in Mississauga and having been out of commission for 4 days with a root canal....I wanted to find one of SRMs better reviewed gals instead of just taking a chance like I did last week.

Based on their web schedule for Friday afternoon I wanted to see either Nina, Cyan or maybe Meagan in that order. Since it was after 4pm, I assumed I missed Sophie or Krystral who are also on my "to see" list. I first stopped in taking a chance and Nina and Cyan were busy but both would be free in about 30 minutes. So I booked an appt with Nina and returned.

I decided on the $150 45 minute NR, although I have never paid that much before (SRM somewhat higher costs than most others, even Allure). But Nina had such good reviews for what I like, I wanted to splurge a bit!

And it was a good decision. I had the Golf Room. I like the way the room is layed out with room on all sides of the table, mirror, and the handy ledge that goes all around where I can put my glasses to have them nearby.

Nina, from India was great. A good balance very nice body, great touch, intelligent conversation, joking, massage to please and good sensuality on both my sides.

Soon after the reverse phase started she says "fantastic" responding to my Esalen massage strokes and said she learned some new moves from me. She did a few on me. The flip was one of the better ones, with full body mutual contact/interaction. Breasts just perfect and squeezably soft as she even led my hands to squeeze them nicely hard.

Definitely best experience of this trip. But then it was equaled or topped at Robin at Allure.... but Nina was wonderful and I highly recommend for us guys that enjoy great intimate sensuality.

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