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Monica @ Club Two Mountains

Well I was up to a triple header today, all three venues: Great time at Midway Invader this afternoon as well as Cindy from Sweetbabies so now lets do a late night nude-reverse.

I've usually had great success at C2M and they are open till 4am! I arrive about 1:15am behind another guy just going in and quite a few cars in the parking lot.

As you walk in the next gal up grabs you. I was nicely grabbed and hugged by Monica. After introducing each other I asked where she was from. Macow she says and "I bet you don't know where that is". I reply, bet I do, China. I had heard of it, but the fact she looked very Chinese helped, although I often can't tell Asian nationalities apart. She was amazed I knew and I thought she said, it had been taken over by the Portuguese. I may be wrong however, her English wasn't that good. I know Macow is independent from China and a democracy but that's all I know. So much for geography lesson for the day...

Monica was very friendly, warm hug again as we go into the massage room.

I am reminded of quite nice rooms here, room on all sides of the massage table, clean and nice shower. $100 for nude-reverse no time given on the Menu on the door, but I think its only 30 minutes.

Monica does quite good real massage on back and then nice erotic strokes.

Very receptive to my reverse and immediately asked if I'd been to a massage skill (yes, Esalen and have taught it in workshops for couples etc).

She is not the model type like most at Allure or SRM but nicely soft in the right places, perfect breasts and very interactively intimate like I enjoy. On the flip lots of interplay that I enjoy, very nice.

While 30 minutes is rushing it with all I like to do, it worked out OK, but prefer 40-45 minutes especially since enjoying doing more on the reverse, but I'm getting good at doing either a faster or slower reverse.

Nicely talkative (not too much) and could understand most of her English. She has only worked at C2M about a week but likes it. She previously worked in Kitchener but didn't catch where.

Cleans me up nicely at the end and after nice parting hug says, "Come see Monica any evening. I already miss your hands on me."

A very nice session.

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