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Meagan at Steeles Royal Massage
2565 Steeles E, Unit 39


From my massage spreadsheet comparing who was working this afternoon I had two "A" choices, Meagan and Caszandra based on my reading zillions of reviews. Caszandra wasn't available till a bit later than Meagan (Caszandra use to be Meagan at Allure so had to not be a 2nd Meagan at SRM) so I set up appointment went with Meagan (of SRM).

Upon arrival, I noted the nice black receptionist with a big LCD monitor on her desk - with the Terb board showing on it.

Nice log cabin room with fireplace, reminded me of my lake home years ago on one of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota! Fireplace burning. Nice shower - SRM has always impressed me with nice rooms (and Allure).

Meagan wonderfully greets me with nice hug as I am sitting on the table waiting for her. Ah, I can tell nice body texture and she is so warm and friendly. Paid $50 in front for 40 minutes and $80 for nude-reverse to Meagan.

Meagan does a wonderful mostly deep massage which I kneaded. I mentioned I am kinky in my neck and shoulders from sometimes carrying the world on my shoulders. And if it gets too heavy there are often earthquakes. Meagan did really great job working out my kinks.
Even more enjoyable like some of the other famous sensual gals especially at SRM and Allure, she really uses her body nicely on yours even on your back. She has very nice body contact without being directly sexual. Oh yes I have to remember to keep my head turned toward the mirror so I can at least see the outline of her beautiful body. I leave my glasses on the nice reachable ledge (of log cabin wood). I'm extremely nearsighted so can't see very well her beautiful body. This is good motivation to look into laser eye surgery! Her moves are great including some of the full body type I enjoy doing on the reverse.

The wonderful massage keeps on going and going. I am very much enjoying but am also getting a bit worried about the time since I'm also anxious to nicely get my hands on her body. The sessions never seem long enough but am put off by the rapid increase in total price (higher per minute rate) for longer session over 40 minutes. I'm thinking maybe she forgot it was reverse...but am also enjoying her massage and occasional conversation.

Ah then she asks if I want to switch - you bet! I want to get my hands on her nice body. Just right, not too thin but just enough bulk for nice subtle soft skin. After a few minutes working on her back she says how I sure know what I'm doing. On her front I do my usual Esalen type massage and it is obvious by her purrs and what she says she very much enjoys. I can tell she really enjoys nice massage. I do some of my favorite strokes with great response. Oh such nice natural C breasts that seem to melt with my massaging them. Perfect size and texture. I do some full body contact similar to what she does on me, great response. I enjoy doing hand massage with those nice soft hands, work on her neck and face. By body language she is obviously responding favorably to my more sensual moves although I never enter with fingers but prefer to keep it loving sensual without being directly sexual although she may be open to more.

I'm very much enjoying, have basically finished my usual routine but she obviously is in no hurry to have me stop. I mentally note our time is just up so I remind her she still has work to do on relaxed she says not sure she can get up so I help her. She is someone I could enjoy spending hours caressing and cuddle up with in bed.

I don't shift real fast from "lovetouch" sensual mode to sexual and am slow rising. The hint of the card slipped under the door indicates time way up and has another client waiting. I assure her I am fine, very much enjoyed and she takes shower while I dress.

Meagan has a great friendly personality besides such a nice body. She will be taking some time off to go someplace warm this winter and is returning to school to work on a career related to a different body part. She plans to continue working on a more limited schedule when going to school.

In summary a very enjoyable session with a great gal.

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