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Kerry @ Blue Lagoon Massage
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Kerry @ Blue Lagoon Massage after Club Two Mountains Try

Wednesday night 3/31/04

After all my strip club adventures I headed for one of my favorite prior trip late night places, Club Two Mountains. But a guy came to the door and said no one would be available for about half an hour (which would be 2:15am).

Not really wanting to kill the time, I decided to try Blue Lagoon which the $20 coupon "spammed" on the car door as usual at the strip clubs.

I realize Blue Lagoon has very mixed reviews, but I have had some good prior trip experiences here. I had hoped to see a lineup before I committed myself but wound up with the next gal available Kerry. From a brief peak in the gals area I think I lucked out since Kerry was close to my preferred buddy type. Did nude-reverse for $100 less $20 discount coupon = $80.

Kerry only works 2 days a week doing massage, Canadian I think.

Kerry did a pretty good regular massage and relaxed a bit with my reverse asking "are you a massage therapist" since she could tell I knew what I was doing. Nice but not great intimacy response. Flip was fairly well done, she was nice, although a bit quiet (which can be OK), and more "professionally competent" than much intimacy response as I define it.

Enjoyable nice lady, , but not memorable.

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