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Jenny at Juliana Tokyo

I recall that I had not been to Juliana Tokyo since 2003 and it was sort of in this area. I had some nice experiences there although the few recent reviews were mostly not that good. While Asians usually aren't my preferred body type, some are nice and I hadn't met many at the strip clubs so thought I'd try Asian. I recall looking at their website and their schedule section has said "coming soon" for many years. I now note it says that Jenny is also coming soon. I have their address in my GPS unit and Betty takes me to their front door.

As usual about 4 gals laying down on the davenports, some look like had been sleeping. The next in line gal greets me, Jenny and is quite attractive, friendly and good English. I pay $50 for 45 minutes. Jenny is from Hong Kong. We use a nicer room on the main floor with in room shower and Jacuzzi vs downstairs where I recall you have to use the tiny shower in the hall.

When Jenny returns asked what extras I want and I say nude-reverse and she mentions $80. Now I recall I think the website says $60 (it does) and when I point this out she asks "all you have is $60?" I'm thinking no, I have more but I want to pay what the stated price is not all the money I have in my wallet! I say something about I thought their website said $60 and she says OK.

Massage was moderately good nice soft touch but not sensual like some of for example the Allure or SRM gals. Massage could have been deeper to really do anything for my tight muscles but wasn't bad either. She had quite nice body which I could sort of make out in the nice mirror not far from the table. I am very nearsighted. Making note, another argument for Laser eye surgery some day - to see better beautiful naked women in mirror...

She also had some nice body contact which I am sensitive to and enjoy vs standing away from you and just using hands. The massage on my back was going on for a long time... my neck starting to hurt from my neck twisted to one side on the flat massage table (head rests or nose holes are far more comfortable but I don't recall ever seeing one at a body rub). Her soft touch was nice... but I'm thinking time is ticking and I'd like to do reverse and have time enough for the flip. I'm also wondering if her acceptance of $60 meant without the reverse. ( I wasn't sure at the time but I see now as I'm writing this I was correct the website says $60 for nude-reverse).

After eons.. she asks if I want to flip over. I ask if I could massage her. She says sure. The table is very short (obviously for short Asians) for me being 6-2 and I have to remember proper positioning bending at knees not back or my back will soon be killing me. She is very responsive to my massage, and frequently says how nice to my various types of strokes. Reluctantly she has to finish me up and I peel her off the table. Final phase was average, and nice body to caress etc. Overall nice but not as good as what I probably missed by being late 5 minutes at Allure !

My failed attempt to see Shakira at Allure:
Dave's Massage Hunting - Allure, Juliana, Blue Pearl & C2M

Beings so busy before I left Phoenix I was only able to complete my pre trip massage spreadsheet for Allure. Wanted to finish for other places I know are great but just wasn't time and been too busy while in Toronto. BTW, The_Ladies_Man Review Compilations were extremely helpful !

For Allure my "A" most want to see ratings went to so many gals would be impossible and too costly to see them all. But they include Andrea, Cindy, Jennifer, Nikki, Robin (saw a few days ago), Sasha and Shakira.

So Sunday eve after catching up on tons of E-mail, etc, note that Shakira is on the schedule to call to see if she has any openings yet tonight. She is free right away but need to allow 30 minutes to get there, so go for 8:45pm. I dash for my car at the far end of the hotel parking lot since I didn't get in till about 3am and the lot is almost full. I punch in Allure on my trustworthy GPS that gets me everywhere with "Betty" telling me every turn to make in plenty of time and GPS checking my position every 2 seconds with 15 foot accuracy. It shows my estimated time of arrival at Allure as 8:43. I prefer to allow more time and usually get to places a little early. I pride myself on never being late.

Most of the time with our complicated collectors vs main freeways etc Betty does great telling me to "keep left in 400 feet" etc where the road jogs. But when I come to I believe it was the 27 split it is silent and I don't have time in traffic to get left and I go off on the 27 in error. Betty yells "off route...recalculating" and adjusts with new directions. But I have to go a long way to get turned around. And of course on the side streets I hit all the red lights. I'm finally back on course but my estimated time of arrival is now 8:50. I drive like a race car driver it seems yet not wanting to go to fast hoping to make up some time but I realize its now 8:44 and running out of time to make it up. I frantically pull in the parking lot and in their door at exactly 8:50.

The nice receptionist says we thought you weren't coming and another person took my spot with Shakira (hope your reading this and had a great time!). Offered for me to see another gal but since I knew none of my other A choices were working I decided to pass and allow more than 30 minutes next time I book.

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